‘AGT: Season 15’ Auditions Conclude!

Howie Mandel, Sofia Vergara, and Simon Cowell watch the final round of America’s Got Talent (AGT): Season 15 Judges’ Auditions. (Photo property of NBC)

By: Jacob Elyachar, jakes-take.com 

America’s Got Talent (AGT): Season 15 auditions have concluded! Tonight was the final chance for aspiring entertainers to impress Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel, and new judge Sofia Vergara. Heidi Klum was once again absent due to her illness. Which acts were accepted to the next round? Read on to find out!

After Terry checked in with the judges, it was time to get down to business. Alex Hooper returned to the second shot of redemption. He received three “Xs” from Howie, Heidi, and then judge Mel B in Season 13. He apologized for his set. Alex made me laugh this time around with his material. He received a standing ovation from all three judges. Howie wanted to hear more from him, and he joined Sofia and Simon in advancing him the next round.

Romania’s Got Talent alums Lightwave Theatre Company decided to audition for AGT’s fifteenth anniversary. They wanted to inspire the American audience. Before they performed, all three judges were impressed with the pre-performance set-up. First, I got chills while I watched this audition. Then, I got tears as they brilliantly performed a story about a girl and her pet dog to Ruelle’s “Carry You.” Simon called it “beautiful,” while Sofia called it very special. The trio invited them to compete in the next round. 

Singer Kameron Ross was inspired by Shania Twain at 8-years-old when he wanted to enter the country music industry. However, Kameron revealed that he’s gay in a pre-performance package. He dealt with a massive blow after he lost gigs due to his sexual orientation. Now that he decided to enter AGT for a chance to showcase his talent. He sang Brooks & Dunn’s “Red Dirt Road,” and I was very intrigued by his performance. But Simon stopped him in the middle of the song. The Got Talent creator challenged him to stand out and asked him to sing A cappella.  Kameron reminded me a lot of my friend, Brian Falduto, as he has “Randy Travis” quality to his voice. His voice filled the Pasadena Civic Center auditorium and made Sofia smile. Howie stated that Kameron had an “amazing voice,” and Sofia added that his voice gave him “goosebumps.” He received the magical “Three Yeses” to advance to the next round.

After a string of uncanny auditions, the Ninja Twins made their AGT debuts. They proclaimed that if Prince and Freddie Mercury had babies, it would be them. After styling for various celebrities, the duo decided to become stars themselves. I felt like I was watching Stepbrothers in real life. They put a smile on my face, and Howie gave them a standing ovation. Sadly, Simon buzzed them and gave them a “No.” Thankfully, Howie and Sofia gave them a ticket to the Season 15 Judge Cuts.

TV Insider reported on comedian John Hastings auditioning for the judges. John talked about his age and stated that even if he is 34-years-old, he has been through stuff. He remembered seeing someone with a neck tattoo; it could equivalate to see a dead body. Howie laughed when John joked that the person with a neck tattoo could be a barista. I loved John’s material, and I am happy that Howie gave him a standing ovation. All three judges advanced John to the next round. 

The Jefferson Davis High School Marching Band made their national debuts on AGT. I loved their entrance, and their energy was infectious. They put a smile on my face as the band interpreted Lizzo’s “Good as Hell.” The trio gave them a standing ovation, and Howie stated that he would buy a ticket for their show. The group headed back to their school with three “Yeses.” 

Dancer Siena Uremovi traveled from Melbourne, Australia, to showcase her talent to the judges. She delivered some slick choreography and took a risk by performing blindfolded. Simon stated that she had fantastic energy, and the judges voted her through to the next round. 

As a Voice superfan, I was so happy when Sheldon Riley walked onto the Pasadena Civic Center stage. He appeared twice on The Voice Australia and soared as a vocalist on both Boy George and Delta Goodrem’s teams. He delivered a fantastic vocal performance of Billie Eilish’s “Idontwannabeyouanymore,” even though the piano backing track was too loud. Sheldon received three “Yeses” from the judges and a ticket to the Season 15 Judge Cuts. 

Sadly, the Season 15 Judges’ Auditions had to stop recording from the Pasadena Civic Center due to the coronavirus. However, the producers decided to reopen the auditions and had the acts audition for the judges online. The gang reunited with Heidi Klum virtually as they watched several hopefuls audition from their homes. I remembered watching these auditions on YouTube, and I loved seeing how the judges interacted as a group. 

In two weeks, the AGT: Season 15 Judge Cuts are here!

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