‘America’s Got Talent’ Season 13 Judges’ Auditions Continue

America's Got Talent 2018 on-air talent

Howie, Mel B, Simon, Heidi, and Tyra continued “America’s Got Talent” Judges Auditions! (Poster property of NBC & Syco Entertainment)

By: Jacob Elyachar, jakes-take.com  

Before I begin my America’s Got Talent recap, Jake’s Take would like to offer its thoughts, prayers, and positive light to the family, friends, and fans of Season Three winner Neal E. Boyd. Numerous media outlets such as CNN, FOX, and Variety revealed that Boyd passed away on Sunday, May 10.  Boyd died from heart failure, kidney failure, and liver disease. He was 42-years-old. 

A selected group of acts from across the country and around the world has gathered at the Pasadena Civic Center in Pasadena, California. All of them share the same dream…receive four Yeses from America’s Got Talent judges (Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Mel B, and Howie Mandel).

Over the past two weeks, several incredible acts that range from dance crews Junior New System and Da Republik to magician Shin Lim and singer Christina Wells delivered impeccable performances. Also, two acts, Austrian aerial dance troupe Zurcaroh and singer Michael Ketterer respectively earned Tyra Banks and Simon Cowell’s Golden Buzzer.

Which acts advanced to the Judges’ Cuts round? Did Howie or the ladies give out their Golden Buzzer?

5-year-old Sophie kicked off the third week of auditions. She adorably dragged host Tyra Banks on stage with her for her audition. The West Virginia native revealed that she called Simon her favorite judge and admitted that she saw him press the Golden Buzzer.  I was a little shocked that she covered “My Way” for her Judges’ Auditions. Simon wanted her to date his son, Eric.  She earned her four Yeses and advanced to the next round.

Quick change duo Sixto and Lucia perform together, but they also used to be lovers. They were inspired by David and Dana from the show’s very first season.  The duo performed a routine to Jennifer Lopez’s “Let’s Get Loud.” Their choreography was impeccable, and I am glad that they brought Tyra into the mix because they showcased that they were bold and not afraid to take risks. They received a standing ovation from the judges and a ticket to the next round.

24-year-old Noah Guthrie got his start doing YouTube videos and was even featured on the cast of Glee. After the show ended, Noah went back to his music and hoped that America’s Got Talent could help him restart the fire. He delivered a smoky vocal on Rihanna’s “Love on the Brain.” I loved his grit in his voice, and I believe that he is a worthy addition to this season’s singer category.

Chicago based dance troupe The Future Kingz have been together for seven years. They persevered through their gang violence and used dance as an outlet to create positive energy. The group performed their bombastic routine to Kendrick Lamar’s “Humble.”  The group received a standing ovation from the Pasadena Civic Center. I could see the group face off on World of Dance.  Simon even declared them his favorite act of the day! They received four Yeses from the judges and Dunkin’ Donuts from Tyra.

Front Pictures introduced a performance that showcased the dangers of technology through dancing and virtual reality. The dancer brought the Pasadena Civic Center audience into a virtual world gone wrong. The graphics and visuals were stunning, and I thought that I was watching the digital combination of both Fantasmic and Cirque de Soleil. This was probably one of the greatest visual auditions I have seen, and I am disappointed that they did not receive the Golden Buzzer.

57-year-old Ms. Trysh has a passion for singing and was looking forward to sing in front of Simon Cowell.  The Chicago native brilliantly covered Gladys Knight and the Pips’ “If I Were Your Woman.” I loved her husky vocals and outstanding stage presence.  Ms. Trysh had an amazing audition and she received a hug from the Got Talent creator. She received four Yeses from the judges.

Escape artist Lord Nil made his AGT debut. He decided to spook both the judges and the Pasadena Civic Center audience by locking himself in a case. Lord Nil had to escape from his predicament before a dozen of scorpions could poison him to death with their venomous sting. When Lord Nil revealed the scorpions, Mel B covered her eyes, and the audience was spooked. He revealed to the audience that to escape, Lord Nil would have to unbind his hands using a knife and unlock two locks in 90 seconds.  This was nerve-wracking to watch! Yes, the danger levels are there, but I was not entertained by his act especially dropped the first knife. This act could have gone wrong in numerous ways. I am so happy that he escaped the deathtrap at the end of the 90 seconds.

Hans performed an energetic “Proud Mary” that woke up the Pasadena Civic Center audience. He was a one-man entertainer who tapped, sang, and pranced his way across the stage in a stunning unitard.  The performer received four Yeses and he was already plotting his Judges’ Cuts performance.

30-year-old stand-up comedian Samuel Comroe was diagnosed with Tourette syndrome at a very young age. He turned to comedy to connect with people and he wanted to be the very first comedian to win the series.  He incorporated his weaknesses into his routine that transformed into a 90-second routine that made me smile and laugh. I can see him go far in this competition and he will inspire a lot of people.

The final audition of the evening belonged to 13-year-old Courtney Hadwin. She joined the choir to express herself and her father admitted that she had a hard time connecting with people. Despite being a bundle of nerves when she talked to Mel B, Courtney channeled her inner Janis Joplin and delivered an outstanding performance. I agreed with Howie that Courtney reminded me of Janis Joplin and she became the fourth recipient of Howie’s Golden Buzzer. This girl not only has talent, but she is going to rock the music world!


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