AGT: Fantasy League Semifinals CONCLUDE with 2 Golden Buzzers

Howie, Heidi, Terry, Mel B, and Simon pose together during the taping of 'AGT: Fantasy League' semifinals. (Photo property of NBC)

Howie, Heidi, Terry, Mel B, and Simon pose together during the taping of AGT: Fantasy League semifinals. (Photo property of NBC)


By: Jacob Elyachar,

America’s Got Talent (AGT): Fantasy League had its second set of semifinals!

The remaining champions, finalists, and fan favorites performed for the last three spots in the Fantasy League finale tonight. Did Simon and Heidi decide to pull a page from Howie and Mel B’s playbooks and steal an act from a judge? Or did they continue their streak of rewarding their team members with a spot in the final? Read on to find out!  

It was time to get down to business after Terry made his epic entrance and reminded everyone that Heidi and Simon had access to the Golden Buzzer. Team Heidi’s Grace Good kicked off the show. During the first round, Simon was not pleased with the first performance. The Season 18 semifinalist brought a spinning flame wheel and added a fiery hula-hoop to the set. I was intrigued that she added fire-eating to her act, but I quickly lost interest until she brought out the sparkler. B-

Kseniya Simonova was the first Team Howie member to take the stage. She told the story of getting her third son into her life tonight. Once again, I was blown away by her artistry and that she stepped up and added another board to the presentation. Kseniya’s story moved me, and I got chills throughout her set. A+ 

Darci Lynne won America’s Got Talent: Season 12 and became one of the most fantastic performers in show history. I was surprised with how Mel B and Simon reacted when she performed music over puppetry. For the first time in her Got Talent history, Darci performed WITHOUT HER PUPPETS. I have to applaud Darci Lynne for being so brave and choosing music. She has a great voice; I liked seeing her shine with her music. B+ 

Musa Motha performed virtually during the Qualifiers. Now, he could perform on the AGT: Fantasy League stage! Tonight, the Britain’s Got Talent fan favorite performed a heartwrenching routine. His choreography gave me chills, and I loved seeing the joy he brought to the stage. Bravo, Musa! He also earned his second Golden Buzzer in his Got Talent history while staying on Team Simon.  A

Sheldon Riley had a decisive moment when he removed his mask during his AGTFantasy League performance. Now, he performed maskless and performed for a spot in the finals. I love Sheldon, but I thought the backing piano and vocalists drowned him. 

I do not know why AGT is so fascinated with Adrian and Hurricane. They are an abysmal animal act! I would have buzzed them multiple times. F 

Yu Hojin has become one of the best magicians to grace the AGT stage in the last few seasons. He focused his routine on love tonight. I loved the quicksilver hand movements that he showcased throughout the performance. Yu delivered so many “WOW!” moments in a way that I could not keep up. It was the best magic act I have seen in this series. A+ 

Chapel Hart took another chance and performed another original tune: “This Girl Likes Fords.” The ladies’ harmonies gave me goosebumps; as always, they put a smile on my face. The Team Simon members transported me to a CMA performance, and I cannot wait to see what Chapel Hart does next.  

I was waiting to see what brought V. Unbeatable to the semifinals. It broke my heart to learn how Vikas played into their origin story. Tonight, the dance troupe made my jaw drop multiple times with their extreme stunts and electric choreography. They cemented themselves as the best act ever to grace the AGT stage tonight! Sorry, Howie…but they are competing on Team Heidi for the title next week. As the model pressed the Golden Buzzer with Golden Buzzer, V. Unbeatable became the first act in show history to receive THREE GOLDEN BUZZERS! A+

Shadow Ace returned to the AGT: Fantasy League stage, this time with the help of Simon Cowell. The Team Howie member performed his signature shadow puppetry to a medley of songs that included “Whoomp! (There It Is),” “Achy Breaky Heart,” and “What Makes You Beautiful.” Shadow Ace truly stepped up to the plate and delivered a hysterical performance. A- 

This week’s Top Three were: Adrian + Hurricane (WTF?), Kseniya Simonova, & Shadow Ace! 

Third Place was Kseniya Simonova? (I am so disappointed in you, AGT superfans!) 


Next week, the AGT: Fantasy League Top 10 competes for the $250,000 grand prize! 

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