AGT Goes To The ‘Extreme’

Nikki Bella and Travis Pastrana joins Simon Cowell and Terry Crews for ‘America’s Got Talent (AGT): Extreme.’ (Photos & graphics property of NBC)

By: Jacob Elyachar,

America’s Got Talent (AGT) is entering a new and exciting chapter in its legacy! For the first time in show history, the most dangerous and extreme acts will compete for the chance to win $500,000 and the title of the best extreme act on the planet. The competition is named America’s Got Talent: Extreme (AGT: Extreme)! Joining series creator Simon Cowell and host Terry Crews on the on-air talent team are retired WWE wrestler Nikki Bella and extreme sportsman Travis Pastrana.

Just like America’s Got Talent: The Champions and the regular show, AGT: Extreme will feature the Golden Buzzer! If Simon, Nikki, Travis, Terry, or all of them press it, that act has a chance to compete in the finals!

Did any AGT and Got Talent alums competed for the chance to impress Simon, Nikki, and Travis? Who moved on to the next round?  Which act received the Golden Buzzer? Read on to find out!

After Terry Crews and the AGT: Extreme judges made their entrances, it was time to get down to business. 33-year-old Aaron Evans is a parkour athlete and extreme stuntperson and he also was the series’ first act. He was born and raised in Milwaukee and used parkour to escape the area’s difficulties. Tonight, Aaron revealed that he would attempt an extreme parkour and freerunning stunt. After Simon, Nikki, and Dustin drove over to the AGT: Extreme performance site and tested their buzzers; it was time for Aaron to perform. Three expensive cars drove up to the performance site, and it was revealed that he would jump over the cars going 30 miles per hour. As Simon asked, “Is he nuts?” the stunt coordinator spoke forewarned Aaron that paramedics would be standing by. Once Aaron cued the drivers, he systematically performed three consecutive flips. All three judges gave him a standing ovation, and Simon declared that Aaron was “nuts.” Travis loved his showmanship and called it “fantastic,” while Nikki called it “electrifying.” Aaron received the first set of three “Yeses” of the series. 

Simon thanked Nikki and Travis for joining him on AGT: Extreme. As they compared their injuries, the JoogSquad are viral sensations that have developed a vast social media following. The trio presented themselves in front of the judges, and the audience was receptive to them. They hoped to use the prize money to build a compound to grow their business. The group started with fire breathing and jumped into trampolines filled with Legos and mousetraps. For the finale, a member surfed on fire! The trio impressed Travis, while Simon loved their personalities and preferred their ending over the beginning. All three judges invited the JoogSquad to face the superfans, who will advance a few acts to the finale. 

A quartet of drone operators, Verge Aero, auditioned for the chance to perform for the $500K prize. They wanted to create high-tech fireworks using drones. Verge Aero used over 160 drones in their AGT: Extreme act. I have never seen a drone light show before, and I got chills. Simon gave them a standing ovation and the series’ first Golden Buzzer! See you in the finals, Verge Aero!!! 

Terry previewed an act from David “The Bullet” Smith – a professional human cannonball. He continues a family tradition as his father was a Guinness Book of World Records recipient. The sight of the cannon wowed both Nikki and Dustin. David revealed that the ring was 90 feet high and was surrounded by fire! I appreciated Travis’s commentary about the risks involved with the human cannonball act. While he had to adjust due to the wind, David perfectly executed the stunt! Travis praised his showmanship and loved the execution, while Nikki called it “spectacular.” He received three yeses from the judges. 

28-year-old sports content creator Jenna Bandy wanted to break a Guinness World Record on AGT: Extreme. However, she failed numerous times. She threw another horrible shot with one football left, was unable to break her record, and Simon hit his buzzer. Sadly, the judges decided to pass on her attempt to enter the competition. 

31-year-old Queens native Leeky Da Bikestar has gone viral for doing stunts with his dirt bike. He simulated riding his dirt bike in the New York City streets during rush hour for his audition. I was impressed by his tricks and the way he entertained the crowd. My jaw dropped when Leeky rode his bike for several seconds standing up! Travis loved the presentation and stated that the professionals he knew would have difficulty executing the stunts. Nikki wanted more, while Simon loved the production. Leeky received three “Yeses” from the judges!

After the judges had fun on the Atlanta Motocross Speedway with vocal cameos from American Ninja Warrior hosts Matt Iseman and Akbar Gbaja-Biamila, 29-year-old Las Vegas resident Aaron Wheelz wheeled onto the stage. Travis revealed that he knew Aaron Wheelz and could judge but not vote. Before he performed his stunt, Aaron said that he was born with spina bifida, used his wheelchair as his freedom, and used it to perform incredible feats. 

All three judges joined “Wheelz” and Terry Crews on the massive ramp. Terry asked the audience to chant “Wheelz” as he counted down from 10, and at the end of the countdown, Wheelz performed the stunt but fell on his face. While Simon and Nikki wanted him to stop, Wheelz refused and showcased his willpower to complete the stunt. This time around, Wheelz successfully executed the stunt. Simon revealed that Wheelz could win the show and Nikki called him: “the definition of never giving up.” She gave him her Golden Buzzer! 

Next week, another set of acts hope to win the Golden Buzzer and a chance to advance to the AGT: Extreme finale!

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