“AGT” continues to explode with talent

For the second time this season, "America's Got Talent's" Extreme acts turned up the heat with their electrifying stunts. (Photo property of NBC, FremantleMedia North America & SYCO TV)

For the second time this season, “America’s Got Talent’s” Extreme acts turned up the heat with their electrifying stunts. (Photo property of NBC, FremantleMedia North America & SYCO TV)

By: Jacob Elyachar, jakes-take.com

America’s Got Talent is on Week Six of its auditions!

So far, countless acts such as Pyro Boy, Damone Rippy, Cliff Ryder, Doctor Danger and Metal Mulisha have taken both the viewers and the judges’ to the edge of their seats. With their death-defying stunts, these acts have secured their place in the next round.

Unfortunately, none of the Extreme acts were able to convince any of the judges to press the enhanced Golden Buzzer. This year, the Golden Buzzer was like its sister counterparts (Asia’s Got Talent & Britain’s Got Talent) as it sent four acts (Drew Lynch, Freckled Sky, Sharon Irving and Arielle Baril) straight to the Live Shows, which will take place at Radio City Music Hall for the third year-in-a-row!

With the Golden Buzzer out of play (for now), each act needs either three or four “Yeses” to move on to the next round. Which acts satisfied Howard Stern, Howie Mandel, Mel B and Heidi Klum? Read on to find out!

Japanese dance duo Enra kicked off the night with a spectacular visual dance that combined brilliant choreography and excellent effects. Howard called it a “treat” and it was very well done. Heidi commented on their creativity and innovation, while Howie tried to say “beautiful” in Japanese. The girls got the first unanimous “Yes” of the night!

As the contestants warmed up, singer Samantha Johnson hoped that her dream would come true. She is one-of-six siblings and often acts as the mother figure of the group. Samantha tackled a monster of a song: Aretha Franklin’s “Natural Woman.” I loved hearing her high notes (which had a mix of Christina, Celine and Patti) and I wished that someone saved their Golden Buzzer for her! Heidi, Mel B and Howie gave her a standing ovation. Mel B called the performance: “Wowza!” while Howard added that she was “exceptional” with her performance. I cannot wait to see what she does next in the next round.

While Paul Ponce’s boomerang-juggling act received a standing ovation from Howard and three “Yeses” from the judges, his parents were waiting in the wings. For 35 years, Silvia Silvia and Bob Bob have performed intense crossbow tricks around the world. I was in awe as she piled on five crossbows to shoot five balloons…all while not hitting her husband. Howard called it “remarkable,” while Howie was thoroughly entertained. They received four “Yeses” from the judges.

For our grandparents and parents’ generations, Shirley Temple Black danced and sang her way into their hearts. Hoping to follow in her footsteps was five-years-old Heavenly Joy Jerkins. For five-years-old, she has a great voice with unexpected high notes. I think I am going to echo Howard’s exact statement: “Kid, you are going places!” The King of All Media also said that she reminded him of the late Shirley Temple Black and Mel B. I predict big things for Ms. Heavenly Joy Jerkins (keep an eye on this girl…Disney & Nickelodeon).

While Grand Master Qui Feilong failed his first go-around last season, he returned with a vengeance. His new tricks excited everyone and it was incredible to watch him lift up a bike with his teeth! While Heidi said, “No!” the other judges sent him through to the next round.

Bluegrass band Mountain Faith Band kept it all in the family! The quintet captured my imagination with their haunting take on One Republic’s “Counting Stars.” Their musicianship was spectacular and from the word, “Go!” I got goose bumps. While Howard admitted that bluegrass is not his cup of tea, he was impressed with their ability to contemporize bluegrass. They received four tickets to the next round! I cannot wait to see this band again.

15-years-old freshman Leo Lytel proved that there could be two standup comic frontrunners. The teenager tackled some serious adult issues and made everyone crack. Howard called Leo—“a breath of fresh air,” while Howie gave him a standing ovation and predicted that he would be a superstar in comedy. He received four “yeses” from the judges! It would be nice to see both Drew and Leo compete alongside each other at the Radio City Music Hall live shows.

A lot of people go on America’s Got Talent to break world records, unfortunately…. a bulk of them fail. LA-based professional wrestler Trizzle D hoped to break 45 watermelons on the AGT stage. With one second remaining, Trizzle D successfully joined the Guinness World Records history books. He received four “Yeses” and we were left wondering what record is he going to attempt to break next.

For the last half of the evening, the show returned outside! The Wild West Express is fourth generation trick riders (gymnastics with horses) and are huge fans of the show! Their tricks not only took my breath away, but their showmanship was superb and had their audience screaming at the top of their lungs. Mel B praised them for bring a fresh flavor to an old-fashioned act, while Heidi compared them to tornadoes. They received the necessary votes that were needed to move on to the next round.

24-year-old Greg Roe took his gymnastics skills to an extreme level as he attempted to jump off of an extremely high crane. One of the biggest factors that could go wrong was the wind speed. The wind speed was registered at 22 mph and he brilliantly landed on the enormous floatable mat. Heidi gave him a standing ovation and stated that he had some “big balls.” Howard added that his talent was rare and gave out a sporadic “Fabulous!” After receiving four “Yeses,” Greg jumped into the next round.

The last act of the Extreme round belonged to female daredevil Nikki McBurnett. She performed the most dangerous act that has ever been seen in AGT’s 10 seasons: blowing up herself in a limo! Her biggest fear was being trapped in the exploding car and as both Heidi and Howard moved backwards, she entered the limo. After the countdown, the explosion rocked the set and left everyone shell-shocked. Luckily, Nikki escaped from the limo…but was completely on fire! As she safely escaped, all the judges (but Heidi) voted Nikki into the next round!

Next week, the auditions conclude!

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