‘AGT Champions: Season 2’ Semifinalists Square Off

Which acts impressed Howie, Terry, Simon, Alesha, and Heidi tonight on the AGT Champions semifinals? (Photo and graphics property of NBC)

By: Jacob Elyachar, jakes-take.com 

The preliminary rounds of America’s Got Talent: The Champions (AGT Champions) are over! After four weeks of competitions, 12 performers have advanced to the semifinals. There were controversial decisions (Tyler Butler-Figueroa over Freckled Sky and Quick Style; JJ Pantano over Brian King Joseph and Voices of Service) and surprising eliminations (wish you were here, Collabro and Oz Pearlman).  

Tonight, the 12 semifinalists faced off for the opportunity to advance to the AGT Champions: Season Two finale. Which acts were sent home? Who impressed the judges (Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Alesha Dixon, and Howie Mandel)? Which acts will take on Angelina Jordan, Boogie Storm, V.Unbeatable, and the Silhouettes next week? Read on to find out!

7-year-old comedian and Australia’s Got Talent semifinalist JJ Pantano was controversially voted through to the semifinals by Simon and Howie. Tonight, he entered the AGT Champions semifinals stage via a mini yellow corvette. He started by roasting Heidi through her younger boyfriends. Next, he talked about Howie introducing Meghan Markle to the world. I thought that JJ’s roasts were tremendous, and he has a bright future ahead of him. But, I still believe that other acts need to be in this finale. 

In all honesty, I had my problems with America’s Got Talent: Season 14 finalist Tyler Butler-Figueroa since he got Simon Cowell’s buzzer last year. I found him using his cancer survival story as a clutch to get votes and that he stole spots from Brian King Joseph, Freckled Sky, and Quick Style. Tonight, I am giving Tyler a one-time pass. Tyler’s interpretation of Louis Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful World” moved me. For the first time in his AGT career, Tyler gave me chills. Bravo, young man! B+/A-  

Britain’s Got Talent runner-up Marc Spelmann (“X”) was the third act to perform on the AGT Champions semifinals. As “X,” he invited Terry Crews to the stage and asked him to wear a mask. He transported Terry to a white room and asked him to set a watch to a time of his choosing (4 p.m.). Heidi revealed that “X’s” prediction was corrected. While Heidi and Simon were not happy with the performance, I loved the act from start to finish. A-

Poland’s Got Talent winners Duo Destiny returned to compete on the AGT Champions semifinals. They would also be facing off Duo Transcend in this round. I loved watching their feats of strength. This duo continued to amaze me, and I hope to see them in Vegas soon. A- 

Entertainment Tonight Canada previewed Jake’s Take friend Hans’ campaign to be the winner of AGT Champions: Season Two. I am so happy that he did not listen to his haters and Simon. Hans started by doing an old fashioned German sing-along. However, he decided to perform Jessie J’s “Bang Bang,” and I truly enjoyed every minute! Bravo, Hans! 

Spain’s Got Talent’s Dania Diaz paid tribute to her mom during her AGT Champions semifinals performance. She asked everyone to pose in a selfie on Howie’s phone. Dania used three different cards (the Jack of Hearts, the Jack of Diamonds, and the Four of Clubs) to tell her origin story. Her close-up magic was unbelievable, and seeing Alesha’s card (the Ace of Hearts) on Howie’s iPhone was phenomenal. A

Trapeze acts Duo Transcend transported the AGT Champions Semifinals audience into The Greatest Showman world. The AGT: Season 13 finalists brought in firebreathers and contortionists to set the mood. My jaw dropped from the first stunt, and I loved that they elevated the act by using numerous performers. Originally, when I viewed the act I thought that Duo Transcend plagiarized Billy and Emily England’s skating routine and I called them out. However, after speaking with them on Instagram, I was wrong and I truly apologize to this incredible duo. A-

In all honesty, Strauss Serpent did not deserve to be in the AGT Champions semifinals. I found the performance to be repetitive and disgusting! I wished Brian King Joseph or Voices of Service performed in his place. 

Germany’s Got Talent winner Alexa Laumberger polarizes me. Yes, she is the only animal act in the competition. But, I think she stole a spot from someone who deserved it (such as Collabro and Oz). While I liked the Scooby-Doo and Beetlejuice-themed routine, I wished that Alexa incorporated actors dressed like the Universal Monsters so that the dogs could perform a heroic battle. Tonight, I found Alexa’s AGT Champions semifinals performance boring D+ 

Sandou Russian Bar Trio played with fire for their AGT Champions semifinals. I truly enjoyed how they rose to the occasion by adding fire to their performance. I believe that this performance could have helped them win the show. A+

Pilipinas Got Talent winner Marcelito Pomoy delivered another stunning performance. The singer with two octaves sang Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman’s “Time to Say Goodbye.” He blew me away with his interpretation of the 1999 popera classic. I got chills from the very beginning. I hope that after this show, he has the opportunity to collaborate with some of AGT’s top opera vocalists, including longtime friends Barbara Padilla and Branden James. A+ 

After all of the AGT Champions semifinals performances were finished, it was time to reveal which six semifinalists would compete in next week’s finale. Hans, Tyler Butler-Figueroa, Marcelito Pomoy, Alexa L (over Marc-What the heck?), and Sandou Russian Bar Trio were the first five acts to advance. The last vote belonged to the judges and they chose Duo Transcend.

Next Monday, the Top 10 face off to inherit Shin Lim’s crown!


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