The Winner of ‘AGT Champions-Season 2’ Is…

Which act won AGT Champions: Season Two? (Photo property of NBC’s Trae Patton)

By: Jacob Elyachar,


Tonight, Shin Lim handed over his crown and sash to one lucky act! Last week, the America’s Got Talent (AGT Champions): Season Two’s Top 10 performed to win the superfans’ votes.  

Who won the show? Which alums returned to participate in the AGT Champions: Season Two finale? Read on to find out!

KISS opened up the AGT Champions finale with a fabulous cover of “Rock and Roll All Nite.” The performance also served as a judges’ entrance (about time they did it!) and Terry Crews’ introduction. They also plugged their final tour: The End of the Road Tour. After an epic recap of last week’s events, the Top Ten stepped onto the stage.

Hans teamed up with Marcelito Pomoy, Boogie Storm, Sandou Russian Bar Trio, and Duo Transcend for an epic take on Queen’s “We Are The Champions.” Next, it was a tribute to new judge Alesha Dixon. JJ Pantano made his return to AGT Champions for his “talk show,” where he roasted the judges. I found it very odd that he and Heidi talked about constipation. However, I thought it was adorable that he talked about Simon’s new diet and eating a cupcake in front of him. 

Fan-favorite V.Unbeatable teamed up with Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker. I loved that they showcased some Bollywood choreography and some of their signature moves, such as the chairs into this AGT Champions performance. I thoroughly enjoyed the performance.

After a This is Your Life tribute to Heidi Klum, Angelina Jordan, and Tyler Butler-Figueroa teamed up with Terry Crews’ Golden Buzzer act from AGT Champions’ inaugural season, sand artist Kseniya Simonova. As last year’s third-place act brilliantly told a story through sand, Angelina and Tyler performed Lewis Capaldi’s “Someone You Loved.” I got goosebumps from Angelina’s voice. It was a spectacular performance. 

Lindsey Stirling returned to AGT Champions (who should compete next year) to collaborate with the Silhouettes. It was a great collaboration as they told the story about a young girl’s love for music. It almost seemed autobiographical, and it was a fantastic story about “family.” 

Jake’s Take friend Colin Cloud returned to AGT Champions with the show’s first champion Shin Lim. The duo collaborated on an epic collaboration. Shin first asked Heidi for the best card type, and she replied: “Aces.” Magically, all four aces appeared. He instructed Simon to hold on to those cards. Shim reminded the audience his first love was music (not magic). Heidi remembered that he loved the piano. He magically transformed the deck into piano keys. 

Next up, Colin Cloud introduced his elements into the mix. For the first time in show history, Colin and Shim merged their skills as a new duo: “The Avengers of Magic.” He invited Alesha to join him on stage. As Alesha headed to the stage, Colin asked Howie to “think of a song” and write it down. As Howie wrote, Colin hypnotized Alesha and plugged her ears. Shim instructed Howie to showcase his song to the audience, “Baby” by Justin Bieber (he misspelled the singer’s last name). I loved how Colin encouraged the Pasadena Civic Center to send the song to Alesha. Also, the incorporation of Alesha’s daughter, Anaya, was unreal. 

Season 14 winner Kodi Lee returned to the stage to perform Harry Styles’ “Sign of the Times.” This young man continues to astonish me every time I see him perform. I hope that Harry was watching Kodi’s performance and congratulations, Simon. You have a fantastic recording artist.

The AGT Champions’ superfans had the power to choose the Top Five. This season’s Top Five were DUO TRANSCEND, V.UNBEATABLE, TYLER BUTLER-FIGUEROA, MARCELITO POMOY, and SANDOU RUSSIAN BAR TRIO!




V.Unbeatable and Duo Transcend were this year’s Top Two! The winner of AGT Champions: Season Two was V.UNBEATABLE! Congratulations, everyone! See you all in May for America’s Got Talent: Season 15!

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