Jake’s Take Casts ‘AGT: the Champions’ Season 2 International Acts

‘America’s Got Talent: The Champions’ is returning next year! ‘Jake’s Take’ reveals its dream acts it would like to see on the show’s sophomore season! (Logo property of NBC & Syco TV)

By: Jacob Elyachar, jakes-take.com

Various media outlets such as Deadlineand The Wrapreported that NBC renewed America’s Got Talent: the Champions for a second season.  Earlier this year, I revealed the alumni that show producers should contact to appear on the show.

Here are several international acts from five franchises (Asia’s Got Talent, Australia’s Got Talent, Britain’s Got Talent, India’s Got Talent, and Israel’s Got Talent) that might give some of the American acts a run for their money.

Asia’s Got Talent

El Gamma Penumbra (Shadow Play Group; Two-time Golden Buzzer recipient; Season One Winner)

Shadow playgroup El Gamma Penumbra kicks off my casting list. Their emotional storytelling melted Asia’s hearts, and the group received judge Anggun’s first Golden Buzzer. They earned a second Golden Buzzer during the semifinals.  I think that the nation will get behind this fantastic act and if selected, I see them running to the Champions’ second finale.

I think ‘AGT: Champions’ audiences would be blown away by ‘Asia’s Got Talent’ superstar Gerphil Flores. (Photo courtesy of Gerphil Flores)

Gerphil Flores (Opera Singer; David Foster’s Golden Buzzer; Season One Finalist-Third Place)

Friend to Jake’s Take, Gerphil Flores, made a huge impact on the world stage when she auditioned during Asia’s Got Talent’s inaugural season. She earned the admiration and Golden Buzzer from one of her heroes, David Foster, with her powerful cover of “Speak Softly, Love.” However, it was her performance of “The Impossible Dream” that catapulted her in the Top 10 of Got Talent’s greatest vocalists. I believe that the American audience is ready Gerphil into their homes with open arms. Also, a duet or collaboration with Andrew de Leon, Barbara Padilla, Branden James, and/or the Forte Tenors at the Season Two finale would be electrifying!

Junior New System would definitely impeccable competitors on ‘America’s Got Talent: The Champions.’ (Photo property of NBC & Syco Entertainment)

Junior New System (Dance Crew; Semifinals Golden Buzzer; Season One Finalists)

Before Junior New System blew audiences away on Season 13 of America’s Got Talent, the talented dance crew made a splash on Asia’s Got Talent’s first season. The group earned a Golden Buzzer in the Season One semifinals with their jaw-dropping routine. I believe that Junior New System was robbed of a victory on both seasons. If they are invited back on Champions, there is no way that this group of phenomenal group of dancers will be sent home without the trophy!

Angela July (Singer-harpist; Season Two Finalist)

Angela July is Indonesia’s first vocalist-harpist! Asia’s Got Talent introduced the world to her artistry during its second season. She charmed both of the judges and the audience with her impeccable covers of Cyndi Lauper’s “True Colors,” Sia’s “Chandelier,” and Adele’s “Skyfall.” I think Angela would be a strong contender if she joins Season Two and she will definitely inspire her competitors to step up their acts.

Eric Chien (Magician; Season Three Winner)

If there is a person that could inherit Shin Lim’s crown is Taiwan-based magic consultant Eric Chien. Just like Shin Lim, Eric blew away his audiences with his impeccable close-up magic. His showmanship captured Asia’s collective hearts and if producers watch his final routine, I believe that they would immediately want to give him an invitation to appear on America’s Got Talent: the Champions’ sophomore season.

Australia’s Got Talent

Former Australia’s Got Talent judge Timomatic would be an excellent addition to ‘Champions’ sophomore season. (Photo property of FremantleMedia Australia & SycoTV)

Timomatic (Singer-Dancer; Season Five Finalist-Third Place)

Timomatic (real name Tim Omaji) is one of Australia’s Got Talent’s greatest acts. From his first audition of Justin Bieber’s “Baby”  to his last performance, Timomatic entertained Australia with his outstanding showmanship through combining covers with original material. Despite coming in third place, Timomatic is the only Got Talent alum to return to judge a full season! Also, I believe that Timomatic is someone that the American Top 40 radio stations would be happy to have on their airwaves.

Brother Jed (Band; Season Seven Winners)

One act that Timomatic discovered was family band Uncle Jed. Consisted of Danny, Laura, and Shannon Stitt, this funk-soul trio blew the audience away from their first audition to  “Give Me Love,” the song that won them the show! Following the successes of Edgar Family Band and We Three, I think Brother Jed would fit right at home on Champions and would add a unique energy to the show.

Academy of Brothers (Dance Troupe; Season Seven Finalists-Third Place)

Academy of Brothers could be the dance act that might be significant players if they signed up for Champions’ sophomore season. Former judge Geri Halliwell declared their first performance, “the best dance group I have seen in the entire audition.” I would love to see this group collaborate with either Junior New System and the Jabbawockeez because that performance would be out of this world!

Britain’s Got Talent

Diversity could steal the show if they were invited to compete on America’s Got Talent: The Champions‘ sophomore season (Photo property of iTV)

Diversity (Street Dance Troupe; Series Three Winner)

Diversity has the biggest uphill battle of all of the international acts if they are selected to participate in Champions’ sophomore season. American audiences know them as the group that beat Susan Boyle.  I believe that the superfans will definitely hold that fact against them during the voting process. However, Diversity has appeared on BGT  than any other alums and are the perfect ambassadors to represent the United Kingdom.

Faces of Disco (Comedy Dance Act; Series Three Semifinalists)

By combining disco music, comedic choreography, and face masks of pop culture figures and political leaders, Faces of Disco entertained the United Kingdom on the third series of BGT. I think that if Faces of Disco is asked to do Champions’ sophomore season, they have a plethora of American celebrities to skewer!

Jonathan Antoine would become a breakout star if he joined the ‘America’s Got Talent: The Champions’ Season Two cast. (Screenshot property of iTV and Syco)

Jonathan Antoine (Tenor; Series Six Runner-Up)

When Jonathan Antoine auditioned with former singing partner Charlotte Jaconelli seven years ago, many members in both the Got Talent fanbase and media world thought Jonathan was Luciano Pavarotti’s second coming.Despite Simon’s shocking advice to break up with Charlotte and compete solo, Jonathan stood by his friend and together the duo advanced to both the Series Eight semifinals and the finale! While the duo finished second, Simon gave them a recording contract and the duo recorded two albums before splitting. I would be very interested if the Champions production team asks him to address his disillusion of his professional partnership with Charlotte. Otherwise, I think that Jonathan would be a true contender if the producers asked him to perform on Champions.  

Francine Lewis (Impressionist; Series Seven Finalist)

The impeccable Francine Lewis would be a great addition to Champions. Francine made audiences laugh starting with her superb audition to the Series Seven finale. I would love to see her take on American celebrities.

‘BGT’ winners Collabro might have an edge if they compete on ‘Champions,’ if their fanbase is allowed to vote. (Photo property of Collabro & Roar Global)

Collabro (Musical theatre group; Series Eight Winners)

Another friend to Jake’s Take that might be a fantastic addition to Champions’ sophomore season is Collabro. Jamie, Michael, Matt, and Thomas’s lives were forever changed when they won Series Eight. Since their victory, Collabro released four studio albums and amassed a supportive fanbase (the Collaborators) through their travels around the world. I believe that if the guys showcase their beautiful harmonies and amazing personalities, the quartet might be in the winners’ circle.

Lucy Kay (Opera singer; Series Eight Runner-Up)

Lucy Kay is the only female singer that could go toe-to-toe vocally with Barbara Padilla and Gerphil Flores. The British songbird won fans’ hearts with her heavenly take on arias “Nella Fantasia” and “Nessun Dorma.” Despite losing the top spot to Collabro, she inked a recording deal with Sony Classical. Also, I would love to see a Trio-like grouping between Lucy, Barbara, and Gerphil in the future, because I believe that it would be a magical moment!

Jack Pack (Swing Quartet; Series Eight Finalists-Fourth Place)

The initial line-up of Jack Pack (Adam Chandler Diplock, Sean Ryder Wolf, Alfie Palmer, and Andrew Bourn) introduced a new generation of fans to swing music after covering “That’s Life” and a moving cover of “My Way” on Britain’s Got Talent: Series Eight.  While the group’s line-up changed multiple times, I believe that Jack Pack would be a fantastic addition to Champions’ sophomore season.

Britain’s Got Talent alums Paddy & Nico would inspire the Champions audience if they were invited to compete. (Screenshot property of iTV & Syco)

Paddy & Nico (Salsa Dancers; Series Eight Finalists; Amanda Holden’s Golden Buzzer)

One act that I would love to see compete on America’s Got Talent: The Champions’ sophomore season is Paddy and Nico. This duo blew me away with their outstanding and surprisingly fantastic audition, which earned them the Golden Buzzer from Amanda Holden. I believe this year Paddy turns 85-years-old and the duo will turn heads if they are invited to perform in the United States.

Cor Glanaethwy Britain's Got Talent The Prayer
Côr Glanaethwy would be a force to be reckoned with if they were invited to compete on Champions.(Photo property of iTV, Syco Entertainment, & Thames)

Côr Glanaethwy (Choir; Series Nine Finalists-Third Place)

There have been several choirs that have moved me to tears in the Got Talent history. One of them is Côr Glanaethwy. This Wales-based choir (made up of 162 members) became contenders after their beautiful interpretation of “Pie Jesu.” However, it was their performances of “The Prayer” and “Hallelujah” that forever cemented them in BGT’s Hall of Fame. They are the only choir worthy of taking on Sue Fink and the mighty Angel City Chorale if both choirs are featured in Champions’ second season.

Richard Jones (Magician; Series 10 Winner)

Lance Corporal Richard Jones remains one of my all-time favorite BGT champions. This amazing magician used his impeccable storytelling skills and innate ability to create illusions to entertain the world. I believe that he would be a great addition to the show and would force his competitors to step up their games.

Matt Edwards (Comedic magician; Series 11 Finalist-Ant & Dec’s Golden Buzzer)

Matt Edwards was another magician that impressed me! When I first saw him perform on BGT, his personality reminded me of Jim Carrey’s second coming. His heart, humor, and antics entertained me throughout series 11. I was thrilled when longtime hosts, Ant & Dec, pressed their Golden Buzzer for him. I believe that Matt would be a worthy addition for America’s Got Talent: The Champions-Season Two.

Voices For Missing will defintely make America cry if they appear on Champions. (Photo property of iTV & Syco)

Voices For Missing (Choir; Series 11 Finalists)

Another choir that should have the chance to travel to America to compete in America’s Got Talent: The Champions is Voices For Missing (formerly Missing People Choir). I was among the many fans that were moved by the choir’s mission to reunite them with their missing loved ones.  There will not be a dry eye in the Pasadena Civic Center if the group performs “I Miss You” or “With You.”

India’s Got Talent

Shillong Chamber Choir could be a great wild card choice to participate in Champions. (Photo property of Gyaniz)

Shillong Chamber Choir (Choir; Season Two Winners)

The Shillong Chamber Choir would be an exciting pick to represent India’s Got Talent. The group is one of the smallest choirs on this list. However, if superfans watch their India’s Got Talent appearances, they would be very intrigued by their vocal harmonies.

Israel’s Got Talent

Israel’s Got Talent winner Tomer Dudai would astonish audiences if he is invited to compete onChampions. (Photo property of Reshet 13 & Syco)

Tomer Dudai (Magician; Season One Winner)

Magician Tomer Dudai rounds out Jake’s Take’s casting. The first champion of the relaunched Israel’s Got Talent wowed me since his first audition! Tomer’s impeccable showmanship and storytelling wowed Israeli audiences. I believe that the Pasadena Civic Center audience would be in awe of his talent.

OK, Got Talent superfans! Which international acts do you want the AGT production team invite to compete on Champions’ sophomore season?

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