‘AGT: All-Stars’ Enters Week 3 of Competition

Howie, Heidi, Terry, and Simon pose together during a taping of AGT: All-Stars. (Photo property of NBC's Trae Patton)
Howie, Heidi, Terry, and Simon pose together during a taping of AGT: All-Stars. (Photo property of NBC’s Trae Patton)

By: Jacob Elyachar, jakes-take.com

America’s Got Talent: All-Stars (AGT: All-Stars) entered week three of the competition, and the superfans (and even host Terry Crews) have delivered questionable results. I am still not over the Bello Sisters successfully defeating Las Vegas icon (and Season Two winner) Terry Fator and powerhouse vocalists Jeanick Fournier and Jimmie Herrod. Meanwhile, veteran host Terry Crews chose to give another Golden Buzzer to the average Detroit Youth Choir instead of performers such as Aidan Bryant, Jamie Leahey, Malevo, and Vittoria Rossi, who outperformed them.

Tonight, 10 new acts performed in front of Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum, and series creator Simon Cowell. Which act was awarded the Golden Buzzer? Who did the Superfans advance to the next round? Read on to find out!

Once Terry and the judges made their entrances onto the AGT: All-Stars stage, the host reminded the audience about the Superfan vote and revealed that Simon Cowell had the opportunity to press the Golden Buzzer tonight. Up first was Saxophonist Avery Dixon! He received a warm welcome from the AGT: All-Stars audience. Avery mentioned to Simon that he had received offers to tour worldwide since he made the Season 17 finale. Terry Crews’ Golden Buzzer act performed Pharrell Williams’ “Happy” for his shot to enter the spin-off finale. I loved how he created the Avery Dixon Experience, and his take on the Oscar-nominated song made me smile and gave me chills! Avery is one of his generation’s brightest lights and talented musicians! A+ 

Mentalist Peter Antoniou returned to compete on AGT: All-Stars. The Season 16 semifinalist made a massive impact during his season. After competing in the show, he performed in Las Vegas on the show. He transported an audience to a psychic tea party that featured Terry Crews, Howie, and a lucky audience member. He instructed Howie to write a question on paper (he wanted his son, Alex, to marry someone). He correctly predicted Howie’s question and introduced himself to Grace (the audience member). After putting her index finger in a tea, he revealed that Grace wanted to name her first child Summer. Despite Simon’s buzzer, I loved every single minute of it. A- 

Aerialist Viviana Rossi missed out on the AGT: Season 17 live shows due to an injury. Now, she came back to AGT: All-Stars with a vengeance. While Aidan Bryant and Alan Silva showcased mesmerizing routines, Viviana elevated the danger element of her act to massive levels. It was a spectacular production, and my jaw dropped multiple times during the act. 

God! I am not happy they brought back Dustin’s Dojo for AGT: All-Stars. They stole someone’s spot! I would have selected someone better from the Stern era, such as Andrew De Leon, AcroArmy, Branden James, Emily West, the Forte Tenors, Mat Franco, Samantha Johnson, or Sharon Irving. 

Comedian Mike E. Winfield brought the laughs during AGT: Season 17 and walked into the Top 10. However, he did not take his loss to Drake Milligan lightly, as he used it in preparation to win this show. He received invitations to perform on Sherri and at various comedy clubs across the country. In his routine, Mike talked about his “Stepman” buying milk with his money and how he joined “Stepman” at a party coming home three hours late. He also shared that he is a Little League coach known as “Coach Fro.” I loved his routine from start to finish, and I am glad Simon gave him his Golden Buzzer! B+ 

 Magician Keiichi Iwasaki made me smile during his Britain’s Got Talent: Series 15 run and earned veteran hosts Ant & Dec’s Golden Buzzer. He reunited with Simon and brought his signature humor to the Judges’ Desk. Keiichi instructed Howie to make a knot and asked Simon to check it. I loved his routine and how he incorporated them into his act. He blew me away, and brought his unique interpretation of magic made an impact on the show. B+/A- 

Dance Town Family’s fan club screamed as they walked across the AGT: All-Stars. While they danced in front of the judges during the Season 15 auditions, they could not compete in the live shows in person. While the group performed with Jennifer Lopez at the Super Bowl, they wanted to close the AGT chapter. For some reason, I could not connect with Dance Town Family. I do not know if it was the routine or having too many people on stage, but I found it boring. 

Singer Keren Montero won Dominicana’s Got Talent: Season Two, and now she wants to conquer America. The 17-year-old delivered a spectacular vocal performance of Lauren Daigle’s “Rescue,” which gave me chills. What a phenomenal voice! 

Australia’s Got Talent: Season Nine punk rock daredevil Captain Ruin wanted to improve his semifinal standing with AGT: All-Stars. He stood under an 800 lb piano while throwing knives into a moving bullseye. He requested complete silence while he finished the stunt. It was an okay performance, but bad execution. D- 

I am so happy that Bir Khalsa returned to AGT: All-Stars. They blew me away during Season 14 and took Australia’s Got Talent by storm. However, Simon moved two of their coconuts before they got onto the stage, and I was concerned about how it would impact the routine, and it did not, as the group delivered a performance that had everyone on the edge of their seats. A-

The power turned over to the AGT: All-Stars superfans as they selected this week’s Top Three! Tonight, they voted Peter Antoniou (Woo-hoo!), Keren Montero (Wow! Good for her!), and Avery Dixon. I am not disappointed with this week’s Top Three.

Keren Montero placed third in the competition, which meant that Avery and Peter made it to the Top Two! This week’s winner was AVERY DIXON!

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