“AGT 10th Anniversary” finalists revealed: Part One

AGT Season 10 Semifinalists

Did your favorites make it to the finale? Who was up for the Dunkin’ Save? Read my recap to find out! (Photos & graphics properties of NBC, SYCO Entertainment and FremantleMedia North America)

By: Jacob Elyachar, jakes-take.com

Last night, the America’s Got Talent: Season 10 semifinalists dazzled the Radio City Music Hall audience with their talents.

Several frontrunners such as Drew Lynch, Oz Pearlman, Samantha Johnson and Siro-A shined! Meanwhile, the judges’ Wild Card: Metal Mulisha Fitz Army, proved themselves worthy for a spot in the Season 10 finale. Unfortunately, other acts like Ira and Derek Hughes might find themselves in the danger zone tonight.

Who made it to the finale? Read on to find out!!!

As the Illusionists bedazzled the crowd with their outstanding tricks throughout the evening, viewers were waiting to find out which acts were advancing to the finale!

Up first, we learned which acts were in consideration for the Dunkin’ Save: Benton Blunt, Samantha Johnson and the CraigLewis Band! I was extremely shocked to learn that all three acts were in jeopardy of being eliminated from the competition. As the trio left the stage, Nick reunited with the acts in the Dunkin’ Donuts Lounge. He talked to Drew, Metal Mulisha and Oz, while Siro-A and Ira were partying up.

Several AGT alums made cameos throughout the night. Season Eight’s Taylor Williamson surprised the audience and on-screen girlfriend Heidi Klum as he announced that he will be hosting the nationwide AGT All-Stars Tour. Meanwhile, Season Five alum (and member of the Illusionists) Dan Sperry scared Mel B by making a rat appear out of thin air.

Metal Mulisha Fitz Army, Derek Hughes and Mountain Faith Band were the first acts to hear the news. Of the three performances, Metal Mulisha blew me away the most and I believe that they did all that they could to move into the finale. Unfortunately, America voted average magician Derek Hughes through into the finale. In all honesty, if I were on the panel….I would pull a Piers Morgan and buzz him immediately when he walked onto the stage!!!

Ira, Arielle Baril and Oz Pearlman were the next to hear the news. I was so relieved that Oz was voted through and I cannot wait to see what he has planned for the finale. However, it was going to be a very different finale now that Siro-A is out of the competition! (Screw you, Derek Hughes voters!) I am very happy for Drew and I believe that Siro-A has a bright future ahead of them!

Now, it was time to reveal the Dunkin’Save! I wished that all three music acts were in the finale over someone that rhymes with Berek Twos. The act that took the fourth spot was Benton Blunt, whose fans rallied behind the stay-at-home dad. In the fast few seconds of the show, Heidi kicked off the Judges’ Save by selecting Samantha. Mel B also joined Heidi by voting Samantha through to the finale as well. Meanwhile, Howard honored his word to the CraigLewis Band by voting through to the finale. It was up to Howie and joined Howard in voting for the CraigLewis Band. Due to a tie, they went to America’s votes and the country sided with the CraigLewis Band. Although, it is sad to see Samantha go…I would have her remember that Jennifer Hudson, Katharine McPhee, Susan Boyle and Juliet Simms lost their respective talent competitions and look where they are now! I really hope that either LA Reid, David Foster or Clive Davis signs this girl to a recording contract!

Next week, it is the divas (Alondra Santos, Sharon Irving & Alicia Michilli) versus the Brits (Piff the Magic Dragon, Paul Zerdin & Stevie Starr) as the Semifinals continue!


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