Adam Levine meltsdown as “The Voice: Season 12” Blinds continue

Did Adam Levine had a meltdown on “The Voice”? (Photo & graphic property of NBC & MGM TV)

By: Jacob Elyachar,

For the first time in Voice history, fans saw Adam Levine lose his cool during the Season 12 Blind Auditions.  Previews for tonight’s special Thursday edition showed the three-time Voice winning coach moping on the floor of the Universal Studios Hollywood soundstage as he exclaimed that he wanted to be left alone.

After covering the show since its sophomore season in 2012, I have never seen the Maroon 5 front man so down. Sure, there were moments that Adam could have thrown a fit such as Christina Aguilera’s war of words with Team Adam alumni Tony Lucca, Amanda Brown, and Melanie Martinez in seasons two and three respectively.  Let’s not forget that Adam was ticked during season four, where he regretfully said: “I hate America” when both Sarah Simmons and Judith Hill were both simultaneously eliminated or when Team Blake’s lone remaining artist Craig Wayne Boyd successfully won season seven over Team Adam’s three remaining finalists.

What was the chain of the events that made Adam upset? Read on to find out.

23-year-old Ashley Levin was freaking out as she saw Adam and Blake through the door to the Universal Studios soundstage. The Miami native turned to music to cope with her aging father’s Alzheimer’s disease. She tackled Patty Griffin’s “Let Him Fly, ” and her vocals soared to the soundstage’s roof. Ashley’s vocal performance caught the attention of Blake, Gwen, and Alicia. Gwen loved Ashley’s sweet vibrato while namedropping Blake’s name every other sentence. Meanwhile, Alicia loved her bluesy influences in her voice. Blake stated that she admired her songwriting skills and wanted to help her after the show. Despite Adam and the ladies’ warnings, Ashley went with the person whose music she listened to throughout her life: Blake.

As Adam continued to make fun of Blake, 31-year-old Brandon Royal was preparing to take the stage. After leaving his birthplace of the Caribbean, he looked for music work in Florida, but the scene was bleak and took up work as a firefighter. Brandon may not have to be a firefighter after his excellent cover of Stevie Wonder’s “Master Blaster.” He brought his home island’s atmosphere to The Voice stage and successfully caught the attention of the lovebirds. Alicia loved his bravery and balls to execute a Stevie Wonder song, while Blake tried to find common ground in their love of music. Gwen shared her Ska background with Brandon and wanted to give her knowledge of working with multiple musical genres to Brandon.  He chose Gwen to be his coach.

21-year-old Julien Martinez is balancing a lot in his life such as going to college and being a special education para. Julien hoped that he could inspire people who have ADHD that they could do big things. When he sang “Pride and Joy,” Julien’s gritty voice reminded me of friend-to-the-blog and Rising Star champion Jesse Kinch. I am also surprised that it took to his howl that Adam and Blake turned their chairs around. Adam thought Julien would be a biker, but he immediately bonded that they are native Californians and asked him to teach him how to scream. Meanwhile, Blake wanted him to be his first guy on his team this season. However, Julien chose his fellow Californian to be his coach.

13-year-old Little Rock resident Quizz Swanigan became the youngest artist to ever audition for the show. His family transplanted to Los Angeles for Quizz to pursue his entertainment career. He covered Michael Jackson’s “Who’s Lovin’ You” and Quizz tore the roof off of the building and caught the attention of both Alicia and Gwen. Alicia loved his light, energy, and powerful voice. Gwen compared him to a young Alicia and wanted him to be on her team to teach him how to spell everything musically. However, after Alicia invited Quizz’s family out to the stage, the “No One” singer stated that she valued family as well and it sealed the deal.

Jake’s Take wants to give a special shout out to fellow Kansas Citian, 26-year-old Casi Joy, who auditioned for the coaches this season! She tackled LeAnn Rimes’ “Blue” and her excellent vocals impressed all four coaches. I loved the sauciness that she displayed on the stage. Gwen stated that Casi’s performance had everything she loved and added that she would always remember her performance. Adam professed that he would do cartwheels to get Casi to join his team. As Adam walked around the stage depressed, Alicia stated that she should go with either her or Gwen over the veteran coaches. Blake described the performance as an instant classic and was impressed that she mastered yodeling. Alicia closed out the coaches’ feedback by stating that Casi should join Team Alicia and together, they would create more magical moments! As soon as Casi mentioned that she sang all genres, Adam perked up, apologized for his earlier rants, and wanted her on his team. Casi Joy became Kansas City’s first artist to be on Team Blake!

Next week, the Blinds continue!

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