A Tribute to Michael Clarke Duncan (1957-2012)

Michael Clarke Duncan on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno"

Michael Clarke Duncan appeared on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” earlier this year before his health setbacks. (Photo by NBC)

By: Jacob Elyachar

Hollywood is mourning of another shocking celebrity death after the Associated Press broke a story about the death of actor Michael Clarke Duncan.

A statement released by Clarke’s fiancé and reality T.V. star Omarosa Manigault stated the 6-foot-5 actor passed away at a Los Angeles hospital earlier today.

Before the Chicago native became an actor, Duncan got his start working on security personnel work for celebrities including Will Smith, Martin Lawrence, LL Cool J and rapper the Notorious B.I.G.  Duncan left the Security field after the Notorious B.I.G. was murdered back in 1997.

While Duncan had small roles in movies such as Friday, Back to Business and The Players Club, he did not have as much success until he appeared alongside Bruce Willis in the 1998 science fiction box office smash Armageddon.    Following advice he received from Willis, Duncan auditioned and won the role of John Coffey in the 1999 film adaptation of Stephen King’s novel The Green Mile.   (To see a scene from this film, click here: http://youtu.be/pLbS8f9IplI)  He received nominations from the Oscars, Golden Globes and the Screen Actor Guild for his role while he picked up the 1999 Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actor.

Michael Clarke Duncan Kingpin

Michael Clarke Duncan played the intimidating Kingpin of Crime in Marvel’s 2003 superhero film: “Daredevil.” (Photo property of FOX and Marvel)

Duncan was able to flex his acting muscles through different genres including comedy (2000’s the Whole Nine Yards), animated films (2003’s Brother Bear and its 2006 sequel Brother Bear 2), and comic book adaptations including 2003’s Daredevil where he played the villainous Kingpin and 2005’s Frank Miller’s Sin City.  (To see a scene from Daredevil, click here: http://youtu.be/t5YtfXUXEYI

Before his death, Duncan filmed two different movies including a horror-thriller movie called the Sibling and a sports drama From the Rough.



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