A Conversation with Entrepreneur James Timothy White

James T. White photo businessman

James T. White has worn many hats from being a CEO to being a media personality in his career. But all throughout his life, James has always been a businessman to his core. (Photo property of James T. White)

Have you ever wanted to be a successful businessman or businesswoman?

One person who you should look to for guidance is James T. White.   Since making his first million dollars at the age of 16, he has experienced the highs and lows that every businessman has been through and will be a valuable guide to make your individual mark in the business world.     In addition to his financial achievements, he has written five books and articles that have sold more than 300,000 copies worldwide.

I had the chance to correspond with James T. White for an exclusive two-part special crossover series with my blog and Examiner.com column.   In part one of the crossover series,  you will find out how James got interested in the business world, his journey to earn his first million dollars and his travels across North America through his financial seminar tour.

Jacob Elyachar: When did you get interested in the business world?

James T White: Throughout my entire life, I always loved selling things.  For example, I used to buy five-cent candy and sell it from my parent’s basement to my friends for twenty-five cents.   I think what I loved most about business was I thought you could do anything, anytime and where you controlled your life and made your own destiny.  Plus the money was good too.  It felt great being a 16-year-old kid making $40,000 dollars a month!

JE: You made your first million dollars when you were 16-years-old, what were steps that you took in order to get there?

JTW: It’s not hard to be successful.  It takes purpose, action, support and follow thorough from people who love you.  The purpose for me was to earn money.  The action was asking my dad to drive me to the store after earning money from babysitting the night before to buy a snow shovel.  The follow through was knocking on doors and asking them “Can I shovel your sidewalk?”

JE: How long does it take you to write a book?

JTW: It depends on the topics.  If I work hard at writing the book, it will take me a few days to complete it.  But if I’m lazy, then it will take me a few weeks to write it.

JE: Out of the books that you have written, what has been the most memorable to you and why?

JTW: The book that has been most memorable for me to write was Born to Be Business Savvy.  I was going through a very tough time in my life before I declared  my personal bankruptcy in 2010.    I felt that my life was changing so much that it was like I could write a new chapter each week.  When I was done with writing the rough draft, I would review it and then I was ready to share my real experiences with the world.

JE: Let’s talk about your tour. Why did you originally decide to go on tour?

JTW: I have been touring for several years now. I love to travel and meet people, this new tour of mine is focused on meeting new small business people and help them by using my experience from start-ups to bankruptcy and help them stay out of trouble and keep their business in business.

JE: In order to be a part of your tour session, participants have to pay $50 to guarantee your seat.   What is the reason behind this method?

JTW: The price is fully refundable, I do this because most people want to come.  But when it’s time for the event and they don’t put value on my advice and experience, and if they do not show up, it’s a waste of time and my time is worth money.  However, when I get a nice dinner of no shows it makes me smile.



  1. I really enjoyed reading your article on one of my favorite friends! James is a remarkable and successful young man, and I expect we will see many good things from him in the years to come. I am looking forward to Part 2!

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