Jake’s Take’s Podcast: Episode 8a & 8b-Nicole Anthony

Big Brother 21 fan-favorite Nicole Anthony visits Jake’s Take with Jacob Elyachar Podcast. (Photo property of CBS’ Sonja Flemming)

By: Jacob Elyachar, jakes-take.com 

It is a pleasure to welcome one of my favorite Big Brother houseguests of all-time: Nicole Anthony.

Fans first met Nicole Anthony when she walked into the Big Brother 21 house this previous summer. She made fast friends with several houseguests, including David Alexander, Kemi Fakunle, Ovi Kabir, and Cliff Hogg III. While Ovi, Cliff, and Nicole created the fan-favorite alliance: “The Fellowship of the Zing,” they were not in a majority alliance during the crucial first weeks of the season. She was almost evicted from the show, if it were not for the Six Shooters (Tommy Bracco, Christie Murphy, Jack Matthews, Analyse Talavera, and eventual alliance members Jackson Michie and Holly Allen)’ intervention.

While she was nearly sent home, Cliff joined Kemi, Ovi, and David in the Camp Comeback battle back. As Cliff returned to the house, Nicole Anthony was forced to say “farewell” to a majority of her closest allies. Because of her open honesty and mantra of kindness, Nicole became a fan-favorite as she united the fanbase and a majority of media outlets that covered the long-running CBS summer reality TV show. Even legendary houseguests such as Danielle Reyes, who crowned herself Nicole’s Big Brother Fairy Godmother, were rooting for her.

Things began to change when both Michie and Holly defected from the Six Shooters and aligned with Nicole and Cliff. However, the Double Eviction changed everything. During the intense round of competition, Nicole won her first Head of Household and made the game-changing decision of targeting both Christie and Tommy. At the end of the episode, the house evicted Christie. After an intense round which saw Tommy exit the house and Nicole being crowned HOH for the final time this season, she was forced to watch Jackson and Holly evict Cliff from home.

Nicole Anthony received a huge consolation prize in the form of Big Brother 21’s America’s Favorite Houseguest. (Photo property of CBS)

Sadly, Nicole was let go from the competition on Day 99! Despite seeing Jackson being showered with confetti, she was about to receive an impeccable consolation prize. Fans rallied behind Nicole as she beat out Tommy and Cliff and was crowned America’s Favorite Houseguest award. Nicole’s victory marked the first time in six years that a woman won the title. Elissa Slater won the title at the end of Big Brother 15

In this two-part conversation, Nicole Anthony talked about her Big Brother experience and shared her thoughts on participating in a hypothetical Big Brother: All-Stars 2 season.

You can connect with Nicole on social media. Visit her Instagram and Twitter channels.


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