Jake’s Take’s Concert Reviews: Sammy Wilk

Sammy Wilk made his NYC debut as he performed songs from his Keep It in the Middle EP. (Album cover property of KSR Group)

By: Jacob Elyachar, jakes-take.com

Singer-songwriter Sammy Wilk visited New York City’s Mercury Lounge. Ever since the 23-year-old KSR Music Group artist released his “Way Up” in July 2017, he has amassed a strong social media base with more than 3 million followers across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.   

Several media outlets such as Billboard, CBS Los Angeles, and Fuse have covered the Omaha, Nebraska native’s musical endeavors and rise to fame.  Sammy Wilk’s trip to the Big Apple concludes his Keep It in the Middle tour, which saw the “Lift Off” singer-songwriter perform in front of sold-out audiences in Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam, London, and Los Angeles.

The New York City concert came as Sammy Wilk released a new single: “Livin’ Life” and two months since the recording artist released “Saturday (The Wedding Song),” which he recorded for his sister, Emily, and new brother-in-law, Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield.  As fans escaped the cold and rainy New York City evening, Hudson Valley-based DJ and entertainer DJ Neptoon entertained the crowd.

DJ Neptoon delivered a mix of tunes that ranged from Beyonce’s “Drunk in Love” and Drake’s “God’s Plan” to Post Malone’s “Rockstar” and Lil Nas X & Billy Ray Cyrus’ “Old Town Road.” While the audience was entertained, the bass was way too much and almost gave me heart palpitations.  Near the end of his solo set, DJ Neptoon encouraged the crowd to shout “Sammy Wilk!” multiple times.

Around 8:05 PM, Sammy Wilk walked to the stage and the energy escalated to the same level as AJ Mitchell’s May 2019 concert at Gramercy Theatre. The social media mogul and performer truly enjoyed the atmosphere and the screaming fans. However, as a veteran concertgoer, I did not expect what came next.  Twice during the evening, Sammy Wilk invited his friends and family members (including his parents who traveled from Omaha)  to shotgun alcohol on stage between songs.  

I found these two instances uncanny. It felt like Sammy tore a page out of the playbook of fellow internet personalities, Jake and Logan Paul. I felt that the spectacle of his family chugging alcohol on stage almost took away from Sammy Wilk’s superb performing skills.

Final thoughts & grade: Despite being one of the most unorthodox concerts I have ever been to, I believe that Sammy Wilk is on his way from transitioning from Internet stardom to recording music superstar.  B-/B  

Highlights: “Aye Ma,” “Options,” “Killer,” “Issues,” “Could Be,” “Lift Off,” & “Saturday (The Wedding Song).”  

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