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By: Jacob Elyachar, jakes-take.com

Welcome to the first Jake’s Take’s “New Music Reviews” of 2019’s fourth quarter!

We have a lot of music to unpack, so let’s get this party started!

Fantasia celebrated 15 years in the music industry by dropping her latest record: Sketchbook. (Album cover property of Rock Soul Inc. & BMG Rights Management)

Sketchbook by Fantasia

Fantasia released her first studio album in three years. Sketchbook is the American Idol winner’s first record without the backing of RCA Records and 19 Recordings, who have been with her since she won the iconic singing competition. Sketchbook is a new chapter that fans of the “No Time for It” singer have been waiting to hear from her. ABC News reported that Fantasia recorded tracks with T-Pain and her mother, Mama Diane, while stating that the highly anticipated collaboration with Brandy and Jazmine Sullivan, was left on the cutting room floor. Fantasia’s once-in-a-lifetime voice continues to hook listeners in throughout the 12 tracks. A-

Tracks to Download: “History,” “Believer,” “Holy Ghost,” “Enough,” & “Bad Girl.”

Mike Posner surprised music fans when he dropped his fifth studio album: Keep Going. (Album cover property of Island Records)

Keep Going by Mike Posner

Singer-songwriter Mike Posner made headlines this year when he proclaimed that he would walk across the United States from the Atlantic to Pacific Oceans. The “Move On” performer also dropped a surprise studio album. While the record is more Hip-hop and spoken word than in his last releases, Keep Going showcases Mike Posner’s grit and determination to not only complete his journey, but also adapting to the ever-evolving music industry. Also, keep an ear out for voice memos from Diddy and Steven Tyler, plus cameos from Logic, Talib Kwell, Ty Dolla $ign, and Wiz Khalifa as they are all sprinkled throughout the album. B+

Tracks to Download: “Look What I’ve Become,” “God’s Lottery,” “Fun Up Here,” & “Legacy.”

Camila Cabello’s “Easy” showcases that the “Havana” singer is on a hot streak. (Music video property of Epic Records)

“Easy” by Camila Cabello

Camila Cabello is ready to end this decade strong! The “Havana” singer is getting ready to release her sophomore solo album: Romance. Her fourth single off of the album is “Easy.” She teamed up with songwriters Justin Tranter, Louis Bell, Frank Dukes, Carter Kang, John Hill, and Westen Welss to co-write this song. “Easy” could be another grand slam hit for the X Factor USA alum. A-

Justin Bieber teamed up with Dan + Shay for their latest single: “10,000 Hours.” (Music video property of Warner Nashville)

“10,000 Hours” by Dan + Shay & Justin Bieber

Country music’s hottest duo, Dan + Shay, teamed up with pop music’s bad boy Justin Bieber for an epic collaboration. The trio co-wrote the single with Poo Bear, Jordan Reynolds, and Jessie Jo Dillon. “10,000 Hours” could be this generation’s “God Must Have Spent A Little More Time on You,” a duet between country music icons Alabama and legendary boy band *NSYNC.  The track brilliantly blends Dan + Shay’s elegant harmonies with the “Sorry” singer-songwriter’s vocals. I could potentially see this track on both the country and pop charts. A-

Tristan Cole & Shaadie reunite on the haunting “Out of Time.” (Music video created by Rafael Pagaza)

“Out of Time” by Tristan Cole featuring Shaadie

It is very rare to hear a pop music recording artist tackle serious issues such as mental health and suicide. Jake’s Take friend Tristan Cole teamed up with his “Superstition” collaborator Shaadie to tackle these issues in a new single: “Out of Time.” These lyrics will stab listeners’ in the heart and will force them to think about how they treat their loved ones and acquaintances. Way to go, Tristan & Shaadie! A-

Artists to Watch

Jake’s Take’s Artists to Watch is back with a few artists and groups that will rock the music industry.

Rapper Jez Dior is about to set the music industry on fire! (Album cover property of Epic Records)

Handle With Care by Jez Dior

2019 has been a fantastic year for Epic Records for finding the next generation of performers. Rapper Jez Dior is their latest discovery. With over 50 million streams and praise from Billboard and Time under his belt, the performer released his debut album: Handle With Care. Jez Dior teamed up with Chris Wallace, Mat Rad, and Sublime’s ROME to craft several phenomenal tracks including the gospel-tinted “Cocaine” and the “Water Under the Bridge”-esque “Don’t You Worry.” I generally believe that Handle With Care is a very sturdy breakout album from start to finish, and hopefully, Jez Dior will be a name that you will need to remember for years to come. A-

Tracks to Download: “Rock Bottom,” “Revenge,” “Cocaine,” “Don’t You Worry,” & “Please Don’t Go.”

Rapper Travis Thompson could be his generation’s Eminem. His music could energize rap fans. (Album cover property of Epic Records)

Reckless Engagement by Travis Thompson

Another Epic Records rapper that is about to breakthrough is Travis Thompson. Macklemore discovered this Seattle, Washington native and invited Travis to tour with him in 2017. Now, Travis dropped his debut record: Reckless Engagement. When I heard Travis rap, it immediately reminded me of listening to Eminem for the first time. Travis’ ability to hook listeners in is a definite plus his beats secure his future in the music industry. B+

Tracks to Download: “Duality,” “God’s Favorite,” “Malice,” & “Glass Ceiling.”

Harry Hudson is ready for love in his latest single: “Mean to Love.” (Music video property of Republic Records & Roc Nation)

“Mean to Love” by Harry Hudson

Folk rock and pop singer-songwriter Harry Hudson is taking the music industry by storm as both Live Nation and Pandora named him an “Artist to Watch.” The Roc Nation-signed artist released his latest single: “Mean to Love.” While the song seems overproduced, I believe that Harry’s voice and “Mean to Love” lyrics balance it out. B

Monsta X’s “Someone’s Someone” could challenge more K-pop groups to release more music in other languages. (Album cover property of Epic Records)

Someone’s Someone” by Monsta X

K-Pop powerhouse Monsta X concludes this edition of Jake’s Take’s “New Music Reviews.” The septet have already performed on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and became the first K-Pop group to appear at both the iHeartRadio Music Festival and Life is Beautiful Festival. “Someone’s Someone” reminds me so much of listening to vintage Backstreet Boys and 98 Degrees and I loved that they incorporated A cappella into the song. “Someone’s Someone” could be a massive hit and I think Monsta X is setting themselves up for a successful 2020. A

I do not own any of the music that is featured in this article. They belong to the artists and their respective record labels.  

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