A Conversation with Singer-Songwriter Siva Kaneswaran

Singer-songwriter Siva Kaneswaran visited Jake’s Take for “A Conversation.” (Photo by Matt Banahan; courtesy of NMG Relations)

By: Jacob Elyachar, jakes-take.com

It is a privilege to welcome singer-songwriter Siva Kaneswaran to Jake’s Take.

Earlier this decade, Siva Kaneswaran became a household name thanks to his stint with the popular English-Irish boyband The Wanted. After amassing countless of fans and topping several music charts, Siva decided to pursue his own solo career. Recently, he released his first solo single: “Breathe In.”

In this edition of A Conversation, Siva talked about this time with The Wanted, overcoming the challenges that he faced establishing himself as a solo artist, and his new single.

Jacob Elyachar: When did you get interested in music? How did that passion evolve into the desire of pursuing a career in the recording industry?

Siva Kaneswaran: I got interested in music at young age. I am the youngest of eight and all of my family are quite musical, so it was a supportive space to discover music. My passion evolved when I got my first guitar for Christmas at age 14, and started writing songs about my life and it helped me heal and make people feel good! I just followed that feeling.

Jacob Elyachar: Many of my readers remember you from your success that you found with the Wanted earlier this decade. What were some of your memorable moments from your time with the group?

Siva Kaneswaran: Wow, there are so many. Other than the amazing fan moments, raising money for the UK charity “Comic Relief” was a big one for me. Just seeing all that money raised from our single Gold forever gives me goosebumps to this day. Also, working with the Ryan Seacrest Foundation and Make a Wish Foundation gave me so many special moments with kids who are no longer with us today that I cherish and hold with me.

Jacob Elyachar: What were some of the challenges that you faced when you decided to become a solo artist? How did you overcome those obstacles?

Siva Kaneswaran: Honestly, the biggest challenge was getting out of my way. I started encouraging myself more. We say so many things to ourselves to stop us following our dreams when they are literally on your doorstep. For example, I have been learning the piano for a few months now, but I wanted to do this years ago. Why did I wait so long?! I believed I wasn’t talented enough to learn it. As soon as I changed that believe “ I am a talented artist, and I am always learning,” it allowed me to unblock myself. The same applies to being a solo artist and allowing myself to flow and discover things without judgments.

Siva Kaneswaran released his first single: “Breathe In” earlier this year. (Soundtrack property of Siva Entertainment, Inc.)

Jacob Elyachar: Let’s talk about your single, “Breathe In.” Could you describe the song to my readers?

Siva Kaneswaran: Love to! I believe “Breathe In” is a reintroduction to who I am as a person. We all go through stressors in life and finding ways to not just cope but thrive can be challenging. As an artist, I wanted to find ways to share with people how I heal from my anxiety and fears. I did it through mediation with breath-work and  nature walks but there are so many other ways too.  I focused on the breath because I believe it is the direct path to the soul and deep conscious breathing is one of the most powerful keys to unlocking your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. It is also a reminder that I am still here. 

Jacob Elyachar: Who are your dream collaborators (singers, songwriters, and producers) that you want to work with? How would they enhance your sound?

Siva Kaneswaran: There are three artists that I believe would enhance my sound. They are Amber Mark, Rosalia, and Augustine. They inspire me as an artist and they create these soundscapes that as producers which puts me in a state of creative bliss. (Laughs)

Jacob Elyachar: If you had the opportunity to meet with aspiring singer-songwriters who want to advance their careers, what advice would you share with them?

Siva Kaneswaran: I use three tools. First, learn as many instruments as you can because I believe they are great avenues to communicating your love of the musical art. Second, watch people’s bodies when they listen to your demos. It can tell you so much about the feeling of your song. I use to vibe with friends and forget it was such a great space as an artist to get constructive feedback and grow. Finally, have mood boards! I always create mood boards with a song.   There is a high chance people will not get your vision as a songwriter so you need to give them as much information of what the song feels like to you. Mood boards are great for this. Also, when it comes to doing your video, you have great visual points to start from.

You can connect with Siva on social media. Check out his Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & YouTube channels.

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