Jake’s Take’s Concert Reviews: Big Indie Records & DIY Magazine’s New Colossus Party

(Poster property of The New Colossus Festival)

By: Jacob Elyachar, jakes-take.com

Music lovers, indie artists, and press representatives gathered at New York City’s The Delancey for a spectacular showcase of talent.  Big Indie Records and DIY Magazine’s New Colossus showcase.  The New Colossus Festival is NYC’s biggest citywide music festival that celebrates up-and-coming artists and bands from around the world. I had the privilege of listening to four acts that represent the best that the United Kingdom, Ireland, and the US had to offer.

Alternative pop band Orchards kicked off the New Colossus showcase.  Orchards’ line-up consists of guitarist  Sam Rushton, bassist Dan Fane, drummer Will Lee-Lewis, and vocalist Lucy Evers.  This Brighton, England-based band revealed that the Big Indie Records and DIY Magazine’s New Colossus party was their first US show.  When I watched Orchards perform, their sound reminded me of No Doubt when they were first started out.  Also, Lucy Evers was an impeccable front woman as she jumped off the stage to dance with the crowd.  I honestly believe that Orchards could dominate the alternative music field given the right combination of A&R representation, material, and radio stations that give their music the chance.

Next to take the Delancey stage was Penelope Isles.  Originally from the Isle of Man, Penelope Isles is made up of Jack and Lily Wolter, who recruited their friends Becky Redford and Jack Sowton to round out their sound. Penelope Isles revealed that the New Colossus Festival was their second US gig.  Sadly, the first half of Penelope Isles’ glitches were filled with lots of feedback and hot mikes, which were unsatisfying to my ears.  While the group was able to recover near the end, I was left uninterested.

WhenYoung performs at the Big Indie Records & DIY Magazine Party. The group performed as a part of the New Colossus Festival. (Photo property of ‘Jake’s Take.’)

Thankfully, rock band WhenYoung saved my evening! Originally from Limerick, Ireland, vocalist-bassist Aoife Power, guitarist Niall Burns, and drummer Andrew Flood traveled from London to the Big Apple to participate at the New Colossus Festival. Their sound blew the Delancey audience away. Between Aoife’s excellent vocals, Niall’s superb guitar solos, and Andrew’s outstanding drumming, WhenYoung showcased their amazing artistry throughout their set!  Through their songs such as “Labour of Love” and “Look to the Future,” I believe that this group will become one of Ireland’s latest breakout rock bands that will find mainstream success.  WhenYoung announced that they have several gigs at South by Southwest and I genuinely believe that the audience would enjoy this outstanding group.

Singer-guitarist Jackie Venson performs at the DIY Magazine and Big Indie Records’ party as a part of the New Colossus Festival. (Photo property of ‘Jake’s Take.’)

Rounding out the experience was Austin, Texas artist Jackie Venson. She took the stage with her Pioneer DJ sampler that she lovingly christened Ed. However, once Jackie started playing her guitar, the Delancey audience rushed to the stage. Jackie’s guitar riffs transported the room to nirvana.   Jackie’s electrifying set perfectly highlighted my New Colossus experience as she performed some of her best material including “A Million Moments,” “Don’t Lie to Me,” and a new track called “Joy.”

I want to give a special thank you to Effective Immediately PR’s Meijin Bruttomesso, DIY Magazine, and Big Indie Records for inviting me to this special celebration.

For more information about the New Colossus Music Festival, visit their website.  


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