A Conversation with Fitness Entrepreneur Nick Drossos

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By: Jacob Elyachar, jakes-take.com  

It is a privilege to welcome Nick Drossos to Jake’s Take. 

The fitness entrepreneur is certified as both a personal trainer and strength training in several significant fitness brands such as TRX, CanFitPro, KettleBell Academy, and Fitness Kickboxing Yogafit.  Nick also mastered numerous fighting styles such as traditional martial arts such as Taekwondo and Kung Fu, kickboxing, and mixed martial arts (MMA). He also has the privilege of training professional MMA fighters as they mentally and physically prepare for the Octagon.

Also, Nick Drossos is cultivating a massive YouTube following with over 369,000 subscribers, and his official channel’s videos have been viewed over 73 million times.  Nick offers three different programming content to inspire his subscribers. He motivates his audience by sharing his personal experiences through a segment called “Motivational Mondays,” while showcasing his 20 years a personal trainer with his “Fitness Friday” videos. Finally, Nick shares his self-defense expertise by teaching his audience different techniques on “Self-defense Saturdays.”

In this edition of A Conversation, Nick opened up about overcoming the challenges that he faced establishing himself in the fitness industry, the lessons he learned while coaching MMA athletes, and shared strategies he uses to build up his social media following. 

Jacob Elyachar:  When did you get interested in fitness? How did that passion evolve into the desire into pursuing a career in the industry?

Nick Drossos: Fitness has been my passion since I was a kid. Being a hyperactive child with lots of energy, I was diagnosed with ADHD and dyslexia.  Fitness and sports was my only way to help me stay balanced and keep me aligned. As a teenager, I was very small and often bullied. It was through fitness training where I was able to build my confidence and feel better about myself. I later realized that pursuing a fitness career was much more than building muscles, but it was all about changing your mindset, empowering yourself, and it was a lifestyle.

Jacob Elyachar: When did you decide to incorporate both fitness and defense into your business plan?

Nick Drossos: Self-defense actually came first; I studied a variety of martial arts and then realized that physical fitness played a significant role in my performance. At about 14, I started taking my fitness a lot more seriously, I realized that I might have all these techniques and moves, but I needed the physical prowess to deliver them. It was this journey of fitness in my youth where I merged these concepts and others together, and as my business developed, I created my own programs. People improved their fitness and learned something new as well. This was a big hit, as it brought a lot of success to my clients regarding their fitness and learning. As well, it brought a great deal of success to my business.

Jacob Elyachar: What are some of the challenges that you face breaking into the fitness industry?

Nick Drossos: The challenges were people had no clue who I was, and at 23 I was already advanced in my type of training since I trained for functionality more than just mirror muscle. I was already teaching, boxing, kickboxing and working with Reality Based Self Defense, along with working as a doorman in nightclubs. But I was afraid to take that first step and become a fitness trainer as a full-time career. So, there I was juggling all these jobs, not only working as a doorman at night but also working at hospital full time. I felt like I was slowly disintegrating on the inside, as I was trading job security over a passion for the things that I truly loved to do. When my son was born, I realized how unhappy I was. I just could not image facing doing this full-time job for a living anymore. I wanted a better life for my son and myself. So, at 32, I decided to open a personal training business, with a beat-up old car, some equipment, I started training clients at their home. From there I worked my ass off, and today own my own gym, 2 YouTube channels, I sell DVDs, and teach seminars around the world. But most of all, I wake up every day grateful for the life I have created.


Nick recently worked on a YouTube collaboration with UFC fighter Elias Theodorou. (Photo courtesy of Nick Drossos)

Jacob Elyachar: You have had the opportunity to coach professional MMA fighters as they prepare to square off in the Octagon. What have been some of the lessons that you learned throughout this part of your career?

Nick Drossos: Yes, I have I trained TKO fighter Davis Dos Santos, and recently had the honor to film MMA videos with Pro UFC fighter Elias Theodorou. The most valuable lesson I learned is that your mindset determines everything, inside and outside the ring. You must be laser-focused on succeeding, and you can have all the skills and strength, but without the right attitude, everything will crash in a second when things don’t go the way you plan.

Jacob Elyachar:  You have grown a respectable presence on social media. What have been your strategies using social media to gain followers and potential clients?

Nick Drossos: To always be real and true to yourself. Don’t try to play someone who you are not and don’t pretend to be someone but yourself. Be consistent with who you are, and what you post, and commit to your followers.  And most importantly, led by example, and they will follow. Post regularly, same time and day, and try to stay as much as possible in your element. Work closely with others in your field, and collaborate; don’t see it as a competition, but as growth, since we are all in this together, to help and serve others and impact them in the best and positive way we can.

Jacob Elyachar: If you had the opportunity to meet with people that are struggling with their fitness journey, what advice would you share with them?

Nick Drossos: The advice I would give is to tell people that they are not alone. Most of us struggle or have had difficulties at some moments in our lives. Even myself at those rough periods of time in my life, I would lose focus, but jumped right back on the wagon. Take a deep look at what is happening in your personal life; it is then you will be able to find the real reasons why you struggle with your fitness journey. Create a support group or join one. Start small; don’t be worried about starting from scratch because we all have. Write down your goals, visualize them, and how they will feel when you get them.

For more information about Nick and his work, visit his website!

You can also connect with Nick Drossos on social media.  You can visit his Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & YouTube channels.  

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