The Five Question Challenge with The Kin’s Isaac Koren & Shakerleg

The Kin’s Isaac Koren & Shakerleg visited the blog to take “The Five Question Challenge.” (Photo courtesy of HyPR Media)

The Kin’s Isaac Koren and Mark “Shakerleg” Nicosia are the first musicians to tackle “The Five Question Challenge” in 2017!

After over ten years in the music industry, Isaac, Shakerleg, and their guitarist/vocalist Thorald Koren) are saying farewell…for now.  The alternative rock trio just recently their last album: Modern Primitive.  Modern Primitive is the follow-up album to their 2013 Interscope Records released EP: Get on It.

Throughout their career, The Kin have opened for some of the most recognizable names in music including Coldplay, Pink, and Rod Stewart.  Also, the trio has developed a fan base in three different countries: United States, Australia, and New Zealand. The Kin has also had their songs featured on numerous television shows, films, and the Super Bowl.  In addition, the trio has performed on plentiful media outlets such as iHeart Radio, Sirius XM, and Voice of America. Plus, they made an appearance on Conan.

In this Jake’s Take exclusive, Isaac and Shakerleg opened up about their experience touring around the world and how their fans can convince them from taking a massive hiatus.

Jacob Elyachar: How has The Kin grown as musicians since the group released your very first album: Rise & Fall?

Isaac Koren: The biggest development has been in finally incorporating the sounds of hand drummer, SHAKERLEG. Modern Primitive captures, after years of trying to find the right studio methods, the raw energy of his unique drumming style.

JE:  Throughout the Kin’s career, you opened for Coldplay, Pink, and Rod Stewart. What were the lessons that you learned from them while you traveled on their respective tours?

SHAKERLEG: Tough one to admit but early on I was unwilling to work with anyone… set in my ways as a solo street performer. Being the opening act on these massive tours taught me an incredible lesson… I watched as hundreds of people worked together on one goal.  These teams were awe-inspiring, and no one had my type of unreasonable attitude, and I could not help but completely flipping mine, no longer standing rigid but rather welcoming other opinions and even patting myself on the back when someone convinces me of another option without a struggle.

JE:  Let’s talk about Modern Primitive. Was the recording process for this album similar or different than its predecessors?

IK: The recording process was much more meticulous, producer Jon Castelli and Jimbo Barry are both scientific and detail oriented about their process. Also, half of the album was written with fans and other songwriters. Those contributions improved the songs because there is a greater color palate to work with.

JE: Why did the group decide that it was time to take a break from the music industry?

IK: We are not taking a break from music, we just agreed that we would put this album out into the world without plans for the next one. We are saying to the world: “Your move!”

JE: If you had the chance to meet with aspiring bands who want to work in the music industry, what advice would you share with them?

IK: Do not create what you ‘think’ the world wants, create from that place that only you can express. Take risks and be as much yourself as you can muster. Dare to suck!

For more information about the Kin, visit their website!

You can connect with The Kin on social media. Visit their Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter channels.



  1. I first discovered these boys at Rod Stewart’s concert in Vegas. Instantly fell in love w them!

    Their incredible talent is absolutely outstanding! Their writing.. the blend of vocals … the unique style etc! I could go on and on.

    A cool thing fir me is that they went to my daughters high school in Manhattan.

    They truly are the real deal ..I love their music and the whole world needs to hear it!

    Love your article Jake!!



  1. […] the quality production level makes it an excellent overall listening experience. Isaac stated in my interview with them, the trio has stated they have no plans in recording another one, and it said that it was […]

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