Emma gets her wish on “Once Upon a Time: Season Six” Fall finale

Emma experienced life in the Enchanted Forest during the fall finale of "Once Upon A Time." (Photo property of ABC's Jack Rowand)

Emma experienced life in the Enchanted Forest during the fall finale of “Once Upon A Time.” (Photo property of ABC’s Jack Rowand)

By: Jacob Elyachar, jakes-take.com

Six years ago, a bails bond person named Emma Swan was living an unhappy life in Boston.

That all changed when her biological son, Henry, showed up on her doorstep and invited her to come home to Storybrooke to break his adopted mother: The Evil Queen’s curse, which robbed the residents of their identities.  Despite Regina’s attempts to stop her, Emma gave “True Love’s Kiss” to her son, and she broke the curse.

After facing the likes of Mr. Gold, the Queen of Hearts, Peter Pan, the Wicked Witch of the West, the Queens of Darkness and Hades, she reunited with her family. She also fell in love with Captain Hook. Things were looking up for the couple until Emma had a nightmarish vision of a mysterious hooded figure stabbing her in front of her loved ones with a sword.

Last week Captain Swan found the sword in Gold’s shop and the couple vowed not to let this vision come to pass.  How far will Emma go to change this nightmare? Read on to find out…

Captain Swan walked with Regina to her vault debating the options on what to do with the sword that they found inside Gold’s shop. Regina stated that they should not destroy the sword, but learn to understand its purpose in Emma’s vision. Hook argued that the sword “is fated to kill her (Emma).” Emma stated that they needed to figure out the hooded figure’s identity over destroying the sword. However, their journey took a shocking turn as they found the Evil Queen looking at Robin Hood’s grave. The Evil Queen stated that she was not there to desecrate Robin Hood’s final resting place and added that she “loved him too.” The Queen said to Regina that losing Robin “was the best thing that has ever happened to us. It pushed you to liberate me!” Before a furious Regina could throw a fireball at her, the Evil Queen magically put it out and stated that “the only way to hurt me is to hurt you!” Before the Evil Queen vanished from the scene, she taunted Emma: “Say hi to Sleeping Beauty. Or is it Sleeping Daddy?” The Savior angrily slashed the sword in the Queen’s face. A terrified Emma turned to see if Regina bled, but there was no mark on her face.  Before Emma could send a brutal blow to the Queen, she vanished.

The enraged Evil Queen decided to take out her frustration on Jasmine and decided to lure Emma, Hook, and Charming to Granny’s. Just as they were about to free Jasmine, the Queen strolled in with Aladdin’s lamp in her hand. Before Emma could kill the Queen, the wicked ruler strangled Jasmine using her magic. The Evil Queen rubbed the lamp and summoned Aladdin to grant her three wishes. Aladdin forewarned the Evil Queen that wishes always came with a price. The Evil Queen decided to give Emma the wish that she confided secretly with Aladdin and gleefully revealed that Ms. Swan hoped “that she was not the Savior.” With a flick of his hands, Aladdin transported Emma from Granny’s.

The next thing viewers saw was when Emma in the Enchanted Forest with her friends and family. Princess Emma told her parents about her dream involving Storybrooke, and the Charmings told her to forget about it. Also, in this realm Henry was not the Author, he was about to become the Enchanted Forest’s knight in shining armor. He hoped to make his father, the dearly departed Neal/Baefire, proud.

Back at Granny’s, everyone was upset about the turn of events. After a little bickering battle, Regina stated they can finally turn the tide. Regina confronted the Evil Queen in her Mayoral office and tricked Aladdin into sending her back to the Enchanted Forest.  Regina made the wrong first impression, and the Dwarves ran directly to the leaders.

Regina was shocked to find Princess Emma gathering wildflowers in the Enchanted Forest. However, the Evil Queen failed to convince Emma that this was fake and was almost killed by Prince Charming’s sword. The former Evil Queen teleported to her palace, where she found this alternative version of the Dark One. She partnered with her former mentor to save Emma, but Rumple convinced Regina that she should channel the Evil Queen to wake Emma up from this fake reality.  In return, Rumple would give both of them a way back to Storybrooke- via magic bean.

When Henry was about to be knighted by his grandparents, Regina made her grand entrance and kidnapped the Charmings. She also challenged Emma to unlock her inner hero. Despite Regina crushing both Charmings’ hearts, Regina would not hurt her former nemesis.  Just when that reality’s Henry was about to kill her, Emma woke up and headed to meet Rumple.  Rumple gave them the bean and the duo were about to head home, Robin Hood showed up, which left Regina defenseless.

Back in Storybrooke, Gold and Belle found the Mother Superior who said that the Black Fairy kidnapped their son. The duo returned to their shop where they vowed to find their son. However, the mysterious hooded figure from Emma’s vision showed up at Gold’s shop, and it turned out that the masked individual was their son!

Once Upon A Time returns in March!



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