The Evil Queen’s almost perfect day on “OUAT”

Evil Queen Once Upon A Time

Did the Evil Queen finally get her revenge on the Charmings? (Photo property of ABC Studios)

By: Jacob Elyachar,

The Evil Queen has made her presence known in Storybrooke.

Since she returned to the Land of the Living, Her Majesty has allied herself with some of the literature world’s nastiest figures such as Mr. Hyde, the Count of Monte Cristo, and Lady Tremaine to undo the happy endings that Emma achieved as the Savior. However, Ms. Swan and her family have successfully defeated each of her accomplices derailing thoughts about a victory.

While she forced both her sister and their former mentor to ally with her, The Evil Queen has not yet unveiled her plan yet…that is until tonight when the Evil Queen threatened to destroy the town and its heart: Snow and David Charming.

Was she successful?  Read on to find out.

Snow woke up in Storybrooke’s dark forest, where she was face to face with her former wicked stepmother. She gleefully revealed that “Sleeping Snow” was her favorite version. After Snow had demanded what the Evil Queen wanted from her, the wicked ruler shared an anecdote about the princess receiving a miniature pony for her 15th birthday.  The Queen also nagged how poorly she was treated by Snow’s father, as the King spoiled his daughter. The Evil Queen also revealed that she was finally going to get what she always wanted: Snow’s heart in her hand.  Snow warned that Regina put a spell on her heart, the Queen countered and gave her an item that will cause Storybrooke’s destruction, if they did not figure it out.

As Zelena nursed baby Robin in her house, the Evil Queen entered the kitchen in a good mood. Zelena inquired about her evil sister’s activities and the Queen revealed she was finally “going to get her revenge on Snow White with Prince Farming thrown in as a bonus.” She delightfully told the Wicked Witch that she was itching for the moment that she could crush their shared heart. Zelena asked if Gold was helping her and the Evil Queen shared that he was indeed helping her.  In exchange for his services, Gold asked for the Shears of Destiny and told the Wicked Witch not to insinuate the notion that the villains hooked up.

Snow told everyone about the bottle, and Regina found out that the bottle was filled with water from the Underworld’s River of Lost Souls. Regina deducted that the Evil Queen was given the water by Gold. The duo went back and forth to debated handing over their heart to the Wicked Queen.  The heroes asked Belle for help, but she could not find anything about the Lost Souls’ water.

Thankfully, Mother Superior (Blue Fairy) offered a solution: a sapling that was sparked by true love. She also stated that if the Evil Queen, Gold, or Zelena found out about the sapling, the town would be destroyed. Regina used that knowledge against them and summoned Zelena to Gold’s shop, where the Wicked Witch found the villains making out and immediately turned green with envy.

As Gold revealed Regina’s deception, Snow, Charming, and Regina began their journey to the sapling. While the trio was looking for the sapling, Emma and Hook were trying to pack up Regina’s dungeon. While Emma freaked out, Hook cheered her up by reminding her about her origin and that she was a product of true love.

Snow, David, and Regina found the sapling and reminded them of their true love. Unfortunately, the Evil Queen found them and stole the tree from them and broke it. By cutting the tree, it was equivalent to breaking their spirit.  The couple regrouped and headed to stop the Evil Queen. With the entire town watching, they sent their final goodbyes and asked Regina to lift her protection spell.  The Evil Queen pulled out their hearts and just before she crushed them, she put them back.  However, Snow fell another sleeping curse but transported her to an unknown location.

As the heroes tried to deal with the Evil Queen’s plan, Belle confronted Gold about using the shears on their unborn son. She told him, not to use it and earn it. Before Belle left, she also chided him for hiding behind his fear of failure. As Gold vowed revenge on Zelena, they were able to find Snow in her glass coffin. While David gave her true love’s kiss, he promptly fell asleep. The Queen’s twist on the sleeping curse was that if one of them remained asleep, they could not be together.

Next week, Emma and Regina head into the Evil Queen’s mirror world.


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