Jekyll & Hyde are highlighted on “Once Upon A Time”

Dr. Jekyll in Storybrooke

Will Jekyll continue to prove himself to the Storybrooke residents? (Photo property of ABC)

By: Jacob Elyachar,

Among the stories that Once Upon A Time is highlighting this season is The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde.

Dr. Henry Jekyll is a good-natured scientist who always battled his demons. One faithful day, he created a serum that transformed him into the monstrous brute, Edward Hyde.  Last season, our Storybrooke residents encountered both men in the Land of Untold Stories, where Hyde wanted to destroy the heroes, while Jekyll wanted to help them escape back to their dimension. After our heroes had been able separated the men using Jekyll’s serum, the good doctor joined the gang and headed to Storybrooke.

Little did he know that Hyde followed him thanks to Gold and brought the residents of the Land of Untold Stories with him. Now that Hyde has been set loose into Storybrooke and in league with the Evil Queen, the villains are ready to turn our favorite town upside down.

What is Hyde Queen’s plan? Read on to find out…

Or will Mr. Hyde and the Evil Queen successfully sabotage Jekyll's efforts? (Photo property of ABC)

Or will Mr. Hyde and the Evil Queen successfully sabotage Jekyll’s efforts? (Photo property of ABC)

Back in Victorian England, Dr. Jekyll met his lover, Mary’s father for the very first time. He showcased his signature serum, which Jekyll stated that once it is finalized. It would be able to separate men into two halves.  Mary’s father did not appreciate Jekyll’s offer and refused his assistance. Before leaving with his daughter, he called Jekyll’s work dangerous. As Jekyll angrily threw out the serum in disgust, Rumple suddenly appeared in his laboratory.  The Dark One stated that he wanted to help him get into the Victorian England science club and vowed to help him finish the potion and get the girl.

Once Jekyll drank it, he began to transform into Hyde. The Dark One accompanied Hyde to the Scientific Academy, where he began to blackmail Mary’s father, who had an affair with his young lab assistant. The Dark One stated that he needed the serum and helped Jekyll become addicted to the potion.  Hyde met Mary and told her that Jekyll has great feelings for her. Mary stated that while she will always care for him, Jekyll’s work disturbed her. But, she had feelings for Hyde.

Jekyll caused Mary to fall to her death, and he used the potion one last time to drink the serum and frame Hyde for her murder.  Hyde found Rumple waiting for him, and he was about ready to kill him before he decided that Hyde and Jekyll will live the remaining days in the Land of Untold Stories.

In present day Storybrooke, Gold cut his hair and while the haircut impressed the Evil Queen, who suddenly appeared in his shop. Gold denied the Queen’s advances and refused to answer her question about his makeover. Hyde suddenly appeared from the shadows and stated that even if he could change his physical appearance, it would be the challenge to transform himself in the inside. The brute demanded that Gold gave him a particular necklace. The villain was not amused when Hyde did not offer anything in return and choked him. The Queen revealed that Gold could not kill him just like Regina cannot kill her. Hyde got his necklace and warned Gold that these untold stories would play out whether he likes it or not. Before the duo left the shop, the Evil Queen told him that she would not hurt Belle, but Hyde warned that he might hurt Gold’s pregnant wife.

Heeding Hyde’s warning, Gold confronted his wife and Hook on the good captain’s ship. He forewarned the duo about Hyde and wanted to help his wife. When Belle refused his help, Gold put a protection spell on Hook’s ship, which would protect Belle at all costs…but a price: she could not leave the Jolly Roger.

As Belle angrily shouted at her ex-husband, Jekyll and Regina broke the news to both David and Emma that Hyde escaped and gave Jekyll—the necklace.  They visited the lab and let the dwarves guard Jekyll as he completed the serum. However, they were quickly defeated by Hyde and the Evil Queen. Hyde revealed that they found him because the Queen cast a powerful locator spell on the necklace.

Regina and Gold arrived at a ransacked lab, where they found a defeated Jekyll. While the scientist told them that they destroyed the serum, Jekyll had one sample hidden from them. After taunting Jekyll, he took Jekyll’s heart from his body and forced the former Evil Queen to give it to him, or he would crush it.  A shocked Regina handed over the potion to Gold, who poured it all over his dagger and told Regina that one day, she would understand his actions.

With nowhere to go, Jekyll entered the Jolly Roger and shared with Belle that Gold took the last of the formula and that Hyde was on Emma’s tail. As Hook left to give Emma back-up, the good doctor and Belle began to chat.  Jekyll revealed to Belle that because of Hyde’s actions, he lost Mary. However, they were joined by both Gold and Hyde, who forced her ex-husband to bring the brute to her.

Hyde revealed that Jekyll was true monster of the bunch and that he almost killed Belle if it was not for Hook’s inference. Before Hyde demanded Gold to do more damage, he was also killed. Regina appeared on the scene, and Gold shared that the only way to defeat the Evil Queen was to murder Storybrooke’s mayor. Regina relayed the information to Emma and wanted her former enemy to stop her when the time comes.  Belle confronted Gold for answers and he honestly told his wife the truth; he wanted to separate his dark side for her.  When Belle washed her hands of him yet again, Gold told her that he would be in his son’s life whether she likes it or not!

Elsewhere, Snow and Henry returned to school where she met her new teacher’s aide: Jasmine. She inspired Snow to try a new method and show her authentic self to her students. Using their horrible assignments, Snow used her archery skills to encourage them to try Newton’s law of gravity.  Little did they know that Jasmine was working with the Oracle to find Aladdin.

Next week, Aladdin and Jasmine’s origin story is revealed!

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