The Five Question Challenge with the “WAGS: Miami” Cast

The "WAGS: Miami" cast stopped by "Jake's Take" for an exclusive "Five Question Challenge." (Photo courtesy of E! Entertainment Network)

The “WAGS: Miami” cast stopped by “Jake’s Take” for an exclusive “Five Question Challenge.” (Photo courtesy of E! Entertainment Network)

By: Jacob Elyachar,

Over the past few years, E! Entertainment Network has become the premiere destination for pop culture based reality docuseries which include Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Hollywood Medium, Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, and WAGS.

WAGS is an acronym that stands for the wives and girlfriends of professional athletes. The show premiered last year on E! and it became a fan-favorite. On Sunday, October 2, a new chapter in the WAGS franchise will start in Miami!  WAGS: Miami will highlight the professional and personal lives of wives and girlfriends of some of the National Football League’s hottest athletes.

Among the seven women that are profiled in the series are 27-year-old fitness model-trainer Hencha Voigt, 30-year-old actress Darnell Nicole, 29-year-old real estate and business investor Vanessa Cole, and 26-year-old pediatric therapist and swimsuit designer Astrid Bavaresco.

While Darnell is happily engaged to Miami Dolphins safety Reshad Jones, Vanessa is the girlfriend of Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Mike Wallace.  Both Hencha and Astrid are single, but each of them has dated high-profile athletes. Hencha previously dated an intriguing group of athletes including former Boston Celtics star Glen Davis and former Miami Marlins players Amar’e Stoudemire and Giancarlo Stanton, while Astrid has dated athletes who played for the Miami Dolphins, Detroit Lions, and Pittsburgh Steelers.

In this edition of The Five Question Challenge, the ladies opened up about the group’s hierarchy and how friendship and loyalty play a role in the series.

Hencha Voigt WAGS Miami - Season 1

Hencha Voigt (Photo by Brian Bowen Smith; courtesy of E! Entertainment)

Jacob Elyachar: Could you please describe “WAGS: Miami” to my readers?

Hencha Voigt: WAGS: Miami is catty and real at the same time. It is about seven women living the life revolving around athletes. Some of us are engaged, others have babies, and the rest are dating athletes! It is all about hierarchy and the status you are at with your “athlete.” That means we all have one motive and it is to get the ring and at the same time building our brands, showing how we live our Waggy extravagant lifestyles!

Darnell Nicole: The cast of WAGS Miami is an eclectic group of women from all walks of life that are united by one thing: athletes! Whether it be long-term relationships or dating from different teams or sports, we all have a common interest, and that is making our way regardless of our love life.

Astrid Bavaresco: Even though we are very different, we still do have a few things in common: we are loyal, goal achievers, full of life and we are either dating or have dated professional athletes.



Darnell Nicole (Photo by Brian Bowen Smith; courtesy of E! Entertainment)

Darnell Nicole (Photo by Brian Bowen Smith; courtesy of E! Entertainment)


JE: One of the important features of the show is the WAGS hierarchy between the wives and girlfriends. Why is it an important part of the show?

HV: The hierarchy is important because when you make it as a wife, you have made it to the finish line. Girlfriends are considered to be below that because they do not have a ring yet, so that means they are still competing with other women. The wives feel as though they are on a higher level because of that, and they get “better treatment” and respect from their men. That causes conflicts, and that’s where the cattiness comes from.

Vanessa Cole: I could see that dynamic being important in most of the shows of this style.  The playing field in Miami is a little different because none of us are married.  The proverbial hierarchy in our show would likely be centered around our personal drives and ambitions, which is important because of the lives we can live and the influence it has on the other cast mates.

AB: I believe that hierarchy is important because it establishes standards and relationship goals!

DN: The hierarchy is important to cover because it is a part of our reality that doesn’t make it right. I disagree with the hierarchy and the act of placing women in an order based on a man’s decision to give her a ring or not.


Astrid Bavaresco WAGS Miami

Astrid Bavaresco (Photo property of Brian Bowen Smith & courtesy of E! Entertainment)

JE: What were some of the challenges that you faced throughout the filming process? How did you overcome them?

HV: One of the hardest challenges was getting to know these girls as a whole. I was not used to having a big group of girlfriends. I am a tom boy, and I usually have guys as friends. When a group of girls gets together, a lot of extremities and needs all come together and clash. We do not always see eye to eye and argue about almost everything. I overcame them by getting to know each and every girl and picking who I get along with the most and teaming up.

AB: One of the main challenges I faced throughout the filming process was trying to remain true to myself and keep myself at peace with all the drama going on. I was able to overcome these challenges by standing for what I believe even if it meant upsetting others and by allowing the people I love to advise me and guide me in the right path.

VC: Some of the challenges I had on the show were balance, authenticity, and the clash of personalities.  I think that at the beginning finding a balance of time for the show as well as other personal ventures were important, and being able to find a happy medium as well as tie the show into some of the business projects I have was important.  Remaining authentic was important to me, I was fearful after watching other shows, and I wanted to make sure what people see on the show is a real representation of who I am as a person.  As always with bringing together such a diverse group of individuals, there will be some personality clashes, and dealing with those was a challenge, but reminding myself to stay true to my personal values and morals kept me from doing things that I may regret later.


Vanessa Cole (Photo by Brian Bowen Smith & courtesy of E! Entertainment)

Vanessa Cole (Photo by Brian Bowen Smith & courtesy of E! Entertainment)

JE: Friendship and loyalty play important roles in the series. How do the “WAGS: Miami” women define those two terms?  

DN: I think that both friendship and loyalty have become blurred in the process. When you get seven women together, it has proven difficult for some to maintain their original stance with their first friends.

VC: I cannot speak for the other girls, but to me in these shows I think friendship can be a loosely used word, we can all be friends because we can see the good in everyone, but the bonds truly vary from person to person because you may not always agree with what someone says or does.  Loyalty is important because you have to know who you can and cannot trust. Loyalty to me is a person being in your corner no matter what.

JE: Why should my readers watch “WAGS: Miami”?

HV: They should watch WAGS: Miami because this show is about to be the realist non-scripted show on TV. Seven girls with real life obstacles dealings with big name athletes! I guess you will have to wait for October 2, to know the rest!

DN: Your readers should watch WAGS because our season not only highlights the real struggle of the women behind the NFL’s highest paid athletes but also their journey to find their purpose outside of being a cheerleader.

AB: This eight-episode, hourlong series documents the extravagant lifestyles and real-life drama that comes with dating a professional athlete. Your readers will get hooked!

VC: They will be entertained!  They will laugh, they will cry, relate to us, and may be inspired.  There is definitely some fireworks and drama, and the show overall will be something we hope people will love, just as they have loved all of the other fantastic programming that E! Offers.

For more information about “WAGS: Miami,” visit its website!

To connect with the girls on social media, visit their following channels:

Hencha Voigt: Instagram & Twitter

Darnell Nicole:  Instagram & Twitter

Vanessa Cole: Twitter

Astrid Bavaresco: Twitter & Vine

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