Enrique Iglesias heats up “AGT” as the semi-finalists are revealed!

Enrique Iglesias performs on AGT

Enrique Iglesias set Radio City Music Hall on fire as “AGT” revealed its first five semifinalists! (Photo property of NBC)

By: Jacob Elyachar, jakes-take.com

Last night, the first set of 12 acts took to the Radio City Music Hall stage as the first live Quarterfinals began!

Some acts set the iconic venue on fire (Emily West, JD Anderson and Jasmine Flowers), while others succumbed to the pressure that this stage brought (Sean & Luke and the Willis Clan).

Who went through to the Semifinals? Which acts had to face the judges’ vote? Read on to find out…

After the recap of the previous night and behind the scenes footage (that included a beat down that Heidi gave Howie), all 12 acts assembled on the Radio City Music Hall stage to hear the first crucial result of the night! Jasmine Flowers, Emily West and Valo and Bobby were the first acts to receive the news! EMILY WEST jumped for joy when Nick called out her name and was “honored to be there.” Howard also praised Emily for being an original and stated that America got it right!

Backstage, Nick talked to JD about his injury and Dan Naturman needed coffee to calm down his nerves. Viewers also got to see Howie Mandel’s tour of Hollywood! The moral of the story: do not test the patience of Howard Stern, Heidi Klum or Mel B. They also teased Heidi’s upcoming appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Once, the filler was over…Enrique Iglesias stormed the stage with his latest single: “Bailando.”

Once the Latin superstar left the stage, it was time for Nick Cannon to reveal two more recipients of America’s votes. Up next were Dan Naturman, Sean & Luke and the Willis Clan. Mel B stated that two of them should be going through in this line-up. However, America voted through DAN NATURMAN! Howie called him: “the next Woody Allen.” Joining Emily and Dan into the next round was MIGUEL DAKOTA (which a lot of teenage girls screamed when Nick read his name).   Heidi advised him to showcase strong vocals in the next round!

Nick introduced the Today’s Got Talent segment and welcomed Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie to the stage. The duo announced that Bollywood team Cornell Bhangra would be joining the competition! After the anchors left the stage, Nick announced that DAVID & LEEMAN would advance into the competition!

This left the fates of both Baila Conmigo and the Flight Crew Jump Rope in the judges’ hands. Heidi stated that she loved both acts, but she chose Baila Conmigo. Scary Spice stated it was comparing apples and oranges and selected Flight Crew Jump Rope. Howie gave Baila Conmigo another vote! This made Howard Stern…the tie-breaker vote…he decided to save BAILA CONMIGO!!

Next week, more acts including Acte II, John & Andrew, Aerial Animation, Mat Franco and Mara Justine take the stage to earn a spot in the Semifinals.

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