“Rising Star” raises the wall

Ludacris, Kesha, Brad Paisley and Josh Groban launched a new era of Realty TV with the premiere of "Rising Star". (Photo property of ABC)

Ludacris, Kesha, Brad Paisley and Josh Groban launched a new era of Realty TV with the premiere of “Rising Star”. (Photo property of ABC)

By: Jacob Elyachar, jakes-take.com

American Idol, America’s Got Talent, The Sing-Off, The Voice and X Factor have raised the United States’ interest in the recording industry.

While America’s Got Talent, Sing-Off and The Voice have cemented their places in the world of music television, the one-time ratings juggernaut American Idol continues to lose viewers and The X Factor USA was cancelled by FOX after three mediocre seasons.

Rising Star is different from the previously mentioned shows as it involves social media in determining who will move on to the competition! Viewers will use the show’s app to determine the fate of the hopeful artists. In order to keep the artists in the competition, the artists much receive 70-percent of the audience’s votes to raise the massive wall from the stage.

Instead of divalicious and cantankerous judges guiding the audience’s votes, Rising Star has an all-star panel of experts (Ludacris, Brad Paisley and Kesha) that offer contestants advice as they move on in the competition.

So who succeeded in satisfying the country? Read on to find out…

Up first to face the wall was 28-year-old Joshua Peavy! The Soperton, Georgia native is a youth music pastor…who put his family and children first. Joshua inaugurated the stage with Bryan Adams’s “Everything I Do.” It was very hard to follow the precedent that Will Champlin set on The Voice. His voice gave me goose bumps and I am glad that his dream is coming true. B+

Georgetown, Guyana native turn Brooklyn resident Lisa Punch was next to face the wall. For her Rising Star debut, Lisa sang a monster of a song–Whitney Houston’s “How Will I Know.” I liked her strategy of starting the song in slow-tempo and how Lisa picked up the pace near the end of the voting session. It would be interesting to see how she improves throughout the season. B-

In the show’s first twist, Rising Star host Josh Groban surprised Macy Kate and told her that she would be working with Ray Chew and the band for her debut. While she was getting ready, 16-year-old Los Angeles native Maneepat Molloy sang for a spot on the show. One of the biggest risks that Maneepat faced was performing “Con Te Partiro” because of a certain AGT alum set a huge standard on this aria! Was she Rising Star’s Jackie Evancho? She might be! Her vocals were superb…SHAME ON YOU, LUDACRIS for not voting for this angel through. A-

As Macy Kate and Ray Chew talked logistics for her debut, Seaford, New York native Jesse Kinch headed to the stage. He tackled one of the biggest soul songs of all-time “I Put a Spell on You.” When he first sang, my jaw dropped! His voice reminded me of shades of Joe Cocker, John Fogerty and Michael McDonald! Jesse was also the first artist to make me give a standing ovation from my couch!!!! I predict huge things are ahead of him! A

Nashville’s Beyond 5 were the first group to perform on Rising Star! They tackled Avicii’s “Wake Me Up!” I loved the choreography but their harmonies needed work and their voices were very nasally. Do not worry, guys! There is always AGT. C

Another Nashville hopeful, Sarah Darling, did not want to suffer the same fate as her fellow Music City residents. After waiting tables for seven years, Sarah wanted to make sure that her dreams of superstardom came true. She tackled Kacey Musgraves’ “Merry Go ‘Round.” I loved Sarah’s performance and she lit up the stage! Brava, Sarah!! A-

16-year-old Colin Huntley represented Texas in ABC’s singing competition! He tackled a fellow redheaded artist Ed Sheeran in his national television debut. I loved his charisma and his falsetto! However, I felt the experts were way too harsh with him…I think that Voice’s Adam or Blake and Idol’s Jennifer and Harry would like him! B

Finally, Macy Kate made her debut! With under an hour and a half of work with Ray Chew…she delivered a stunning cover of Rixton’s “Me and My Broken Heart.” It was a great way to end the first night of competition! A

Next week, more artists continue to audition in hopes to impress America!

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