Young Cora returns on “Once Upon A Time”

Rose McGowan returned to "Once Upon A Time" to reveal more about Cora's past and decision to abandon Zelena. (Photo property of ABC's Jack Rowand)

Rose McGowan returned to “Once Upon A Time” to reveal more about Cora’s past and her decision to abandon Zelena. (Photo property of ABC’s Jack Rowand)

By: Jacob Elyachar,

For the past couple of weeks, Zelena (Rebecca Mader) has made her presence known throughout Storybrooke.

The Wicked Witch of the West (WWW) claimed that she is Cora’s daughter and Regina’s half-sister. Zelena also vowed to take everything away from Regina and grab her rightful place as Cora’s favorite daughter and Rumple’s favorite student.

In order to do that, the WWW needs ingredients to make another curse. So far, she has collected Charming’s sword (a symbol of courage) and is after Regina’s heart and Rumple’s brains.

Was she successful gathering the rest of the ingredients? Did viewers learn who Zelena’s biological father was? Read on to find out…

The Wicked Witch of the West paid a surprise (and unannounced) visit to Regina’s house to deliver green apples. After the Witch made herself at home, they began a verbal bickering match that lead to the announcement that Rumple was stealing her heart. As Regina raced out of the house, the Dark One almost killed the outlaw’s gang of Merry Men and his son until Robin Hood gave Rumple the heart.

While licking her wounds, Regina headed to Gold’s shop to look for an item to defeat her sister. Belle angrily confronted the Evil Queen on the harm that she caused her in the Enchanted Forest and during the curse years in Storybrooke. Regina apologized her previous actions and Gold’s true love shared her research about Zelena’s ingredients. However, Regina ran to a cupboard and grabbed the Black Candle.

She contacted the Storybrooke crew and invited them to her house. The Evil Queen held an séance to bring Cora’s ghost back to the land of the living. Unfortunately, their first try did not work…until the ghost confronted Snow and Regina after the others left. The ghost tried to go after Snow and her baby…but Regina was able to hold her off for a little bit. But Cora’s ghost could not be stopped…and she transferred her memories to the pregnant Snow.

Snow learned that future Queen of Hearts fell in love with her father, after the Royal Gardner abandoned her and left her pregnant. However, Zelena’s father came back and blackmailed her to stealing from the royal family. The visiting Princess Eva overhears their conversation and reveals Cora’s deception. A brokenhearted Cora had Zelena and left her for the twister.

Once Cora’s ghost returned to the underworld, Snow apologized to Regina about Eva’s treachery and Belle revealed Zelena’s upcoming time-traveling adventure. Should she be successful, Zelena would kill Eva and wipe the Charming family (plus Regina) out of their existence.

Across town, Zelena was busy fattening Mr. Gold up, she revealed her deck and stated that she was going to go back in time. The warlock scoffed at her statements, but the Witch offered him the chance to reunite with his “long lost son.” Gold tried to go along with her plan…but wanted to steal his Dagger back. Zelena saw through the ruse and ordered the imp back into his cage.

Next week, Zelena sets her eyes on Henry!

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