My CrossFit Origin Story

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I could not have imagine performing snatches a year ago! (Photo property of CrossFit 913)

By: Jacob Elyachar


I collapsed on the floor after finishing my sixth set of 95-lbs snatches at the Everybody in CrossFit competition at CrossFit on Track in Olathe, Kansas.

As I get up off the ground, familiar faces that have become a second family to me over the past year-and-a-half, congratulate me on getting through my very first CrossFit competition.

A year-and-a-half ago, I would have laughed at the idea of competing but I decided that I wanted to get an item off my bucket list before I turned 30 in 2018.

So how did I get to this point?

It all started February 2012, when the Jewish Community Center of Greater Kansas City started to offer CrossFit classes.

I decided that it would be interesting to try something new and to get myself into shape.

Under the watch of my trainers Brady Mora and Angela Schaffer, I faced numerous WODS (Workout-of-the-Days) and conquered diverse feats that included conquering jump ropes, mastering the proper lifting techniques and being able to get back up after being hit on the head by a medicine ball (often weighing anywhere between 12 to 16 lbs.).

I grew as an athlete and my confidence increased as well.  My newfound confidence helped me connect with incredible people within the fitness industry including my mentors Scott Herman and HitchFit co-founder/WBFF Pro Micah Lacerte.

Last December, Brady and his top student, TJ Kiblen left the JCC (and Meshugge CrossFit) to begin their own box: CrossFit 913.

I knew that my time with Meshugge was coming to an end when the duo (and several members) began to pursue me and after weeks of conversations, I finally decided to join CrossFit 913.

I have not regretted that decision!

As I faced each WOD and challenge, I began to create lasting friendships with some of the most remarkable people I have ever encountered.

If anyone asks me: “How many days do you go?”  I reply: “Five!”  When I first started CrossFit, I went two-to-three times a week. Once, my endurance increased, I took more classes and added appropriate rest days in my schedule, so I was able to go to the Saturday morning CrossFit classes.

CrossFit 913 Helen

I conquered Helen this summer! I could not have done it without the support of my CrossFit 913 trainers and fellow athletes. (Photo property of CrossFit 913)

Besides competing in the Everybody in CrossFit challenge, my proudest accomplishment with CrossFit was tackling my first RXed WOD: “Helen.”  In the CrossFit world, RX means (recommend requirements).  Helen is one of the nastiest WODs ever imagined.  For time, you have to complete three rounds of a 400 m run, 21 Kettle Bell swings with a 53 lbs. Kettle Bell and 12 pull-ups.    Now, I could not (and still cannot do) kipping pull-ups and I was able to do strict pull-ups!   While I struggled with this WOD, my coaches and fellow athletes encouraged me to finish and I completed it within 18 minutes.

Overall, I believe in CrossFit because it helps you grow as an athlete and with the right community, you will definitely be in the CrossFit world for a long time.

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