The Five Question Challenge with the Rah’s

By: Jacob Elyachar, It is a pleasure to welcome the Rah’s to Jake’s Take. The Rah’s are made up of guitarist and lead vocalist Jack McLeod, guitarist Jordan McIntyre, bassist Lee Brown, and drummer and percussionist Neale Gray.  The Rah’s music has caught the attention of music lovers from around the world.  Based in […]

The Five Question Challenge with Lisa Gutierrez

By: Jacob Elyachar, One of my favorite reporters that I love following is Lisa Gutierrez. For over 30 years, Ms. Gutierrez has published countless of articles for multiple news organizations such as The Kansas City Star and The Global Sisters Report. Since 2000, Ms. Gutierrez rekindled the long-running Stargazing column that showcases the highs […]

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