Wolfpack Ninja Pros visit New York Open

I truly enjoyed meeting the Wolfpack Ninjas Pro Team. (Photo property of “Jake’s Take”)

By: Jacob Elyachar, jakes-take.com

Ninja Warrior fans got a huge surprise while visiting the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Uniondale, New York.  One of the sports’ most recognized communities, the Wolfpack Ninjas, hosted an exhibition at the New York Open.

Several members of the Wolfpack Ninjas Pro Team (Travis Brewer, Nicholas “Tarzan” Coolridge, Ryan Stratis, Jennifer Tavernier, Dan Yager, and Roo Yori) joined co-founders Dr. Noah Kaufman and Ian Dory as they trained the next generation of Ninja Warriors. In addition, nine-time American Ninja Warrior competitor Mike Bernardo was also on hand to assist the Wolfpack throughout the day.

“We are really trying to do is really take advantage of the excitement that the kids have about Ninja Warrior and try to encourage them to get out, move, and be active,” said Roo Yori.

Jennifer Tavernier who has been with the Wolfpack Ninjas since the group’s beginning also noticed that the group has welcomed more families than other Ninja communities.  In addition, the Wolfpack Ninjas pros’ presence at the New York Open also gave kids the opportunity to meet their heroes.

“Families love coming here because it helps their kids fall in love with the sport,” said Jennifer Tavernier. “They get to meet of these idols and icons in their minds, and I think it is really special for them.”

Nicholas Coolridge and Roo Yori guide a warm-up session. (Photo property of “Jake’s Take”)

Class Time

At the beginning of each session, the Wolfpack Ninja Pros lead the group in a warm up that consisted of a variety of activities that ranged from trust walks to calisthenics such as push-ups and squats.  Then, the massive group was divided into subgroups, where the young Ninjas got to work with one or two of their favorite ninjas.

The groups visited several sub-sections of the training section. At each area, the pro ninjas tested their students’ upper body strength, flexibility, and agility.  Some of the activities at the training area such as the Foam Steps and the Wolf Wall (their version of American Ninja Warrior’s signature Warped Wall).

The Next Generation of Ninjas

Once the students were comfortable, their coaches sent them to try out the Wolfpack Ninjas’ obstacle course.  The obstacle course consisted of unique obstacles that tested their students.  They started out on the Wolf Ramps and needed to cross the Stalagmites.  Thirdly, they had to face the Wolf Jungle and the Wolf Wall once again. Several of the Wolfpack Ninja pros noticed that there were strong students who could attract the attention of the American Ninja Warrior Jr. production team. 

“There were potential ninja warriors in this group. We had both boys and girls go up the Wolf Wall,” noted Yori.

“I told a couple of them: “You are so talented, and you can definitely take it as far as you want to,” said Tavernier.

Meanwhile, Ryan Stratis pointed out that there were also students who did not have the previous background with any Ninja obstacles.

“They still seem to do well. I would encourage them to go and find a local Ninja gym so that they could keep their skills sharp and continue to grow as a Ninja athlete,” said Ryan Stratis.

Dan Yager and Roo Yori wait for Wolfpack Ninjas co-founder Ian Dory’s signal to start an exhibition race. (Photo property of “Jake’s Take”)

Off to the Races

One of the classes’ highlights were the races. With Dr. Kaufman serving as the emcee, Yori and Dan Yager faced off in an exhibition match. Both veteran ninjas showcased their athleticism and gave it all, however, Yager won the race.  After their instructors got off the course, some of the young ninjas faced off against each other. For some of the young ninjas, it was their first time competing in a Ninja competition setting.

The young ninjas have an autograph session with their teachers. (Photo property of “Jake’s Take)

At the end of the event, their students were able to grab autographs and photos with their all-star instructors before heading home from an exciting day.

For more information about the Wolfpack Ninjas, visit their website.

You can also connect with the Wolfpack Ninjas through social media. Visit their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube channels. 

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