Comedy, Danger, and Music acts take over week three of ‘AGT: Champions’

Which ‘Champions’ impressed Howie, Mel B, Terry, Heidi, and Simon tonight? (Photo property of NBC)

By: Jacob Elyachar,

America’s Got Talent: The Champions entered week three of the competition! So far, Susan Boyle, Deadly Games, Preacher Lawson, and Cristina Ramos have advanced to the finale. 

This week, three different types of acts were front and center! Several representatives from the comedy, danger, and music acts entered the competition and set their sights on receiving those two lucrative spots in the America’s Got Talent: the Champions finals.  Which acts soared to new heights?  Whose dreams came crashing down? How did the Superfan Initiative vote?  Read on to find out.

After Terry revealed that Howie has the Golden Buzzer for this week, it was time to get down to business. South Africa’s Got Talent champion DJ Arch Jnr was the first act out of the gate. He is the youngest person ever to win a Got Talent franchise, While I admire the kid’s moxie to perform on the show, I thought that he was way too young to play on America’s Got Talent: The Champions. I wish that we had someone from Asia’s Got Talent (Gerphil Flores or the Sacred Riana) performed in his place.

Britain’s Got Talent magician and finalist Darcy Oake took the stage! He became the first magician to make it to the Britain’s Got Talent finale and his life transformed including playing at Windsor Castle for the Royal Family. He asked Howie to join him on stage and he dragged an audience member (Doug) onto the stage. He asked both men to lay back and instructed them to grab a wooden board. Next, he asked Heidi to join them and placed the Project Runaway alum onto the board. After removing the board and the guys’ support system, Heidi floated above Howie and Doug’s heads. It was a fantastic routine and he definitely stepped up his game.

Season 12 runner-up Angelica Hale returned for her chance to become the winner of America’s Got Talent: The Champions. She came out for her chance to perform for a spot in the finale. Angelica performed Rachel Platten’s “Fight Song.” In all honesty, I wish that Barbara Padilla, Andrew de Leon, or Samantha Johnson were featured in her place. I also thought that Howie wasted the Golden Buzzer on Angelica!

Season Seven runner-up Tom Cotter checked in with his family before hitting the stage. Tom was not okay with losing to the Olate Dogs (I do not blame him!).  Howie gave Tom a standing ovation as Tom walked out on stage. This was Tom’s first time performing in front of Simon and the ladies. Tom brought out his own dog, Mr. Simon Growell, to the audience. He talked about his wife’s pregnancy with his twins.  I was furious that Simon pressed his buzzer during his act and I was happy that Heidi, Mel B, and the audience voiced their displeasure with the Got Talent franchise creator. (In all honesty, if I were sitting on the panel, I would have buzzed both Angelica and DJ Arch Jr., they were abysmal compared to Tom!)

Season Five finalist Prince Poppycock returned to the AGT: Champions stage! I wished they brought former judge Sharon Osbourne back as a guest judge for this evening because I thought that she would give him the Golden Buzzer.  He sang beautifully and delivered an epic performance that brought Lady Gaga’s “The Edge of Glory” to a whole another level.

The judges were shocked when Season 11 performers Ryan Stock and Amber Lynn returned to the America’s Got Talent: the Champions stage. They were stunned when the duo were going to revisit the routine where Ryan got seriously injured once again. It was very hard for me to watch this act, because I get squeamish when it comes to grotesque acts. Thankfully, Amber did not miss and Ryan did not have to go to the hospital.

Season 13 finalist Samuel J. Comroe returned for his chance at America’s Got Talent: The Champions glory. Samuel revealed that he is booked for two years, which is amazing for him. He revealed that he admired Season Seven runner-up Tom Cotter and was shocked that Simon buzzed Tom. His material made me laugh and loved his joke about taking his wife’s pink luggage. Samuel earned a standing ovation from all four judges and Mel B called him “the perfect husband material.”

It is safe to say that if Paul Potts did not win Britain’s Got Talent, we would not have met Susan Boyle, Collabro, Paddy and Nico, Richard Jones, and more impeccable talent. Since winning the show, he performed for Queen Elizabeth II twice and sold millions of records. His ultimate dream was to win AGT: The Champions.  Tonight, he performed “Caruso.” Paul gave me chills with that performance and that would have been the perfect time to award someone the Golden Buzzer!

Season 11 finalist and magician Jon Dorenbos received a hero’s welcome. Before he performed his routine, the former Philadelphia Eagles player revealed that he had to have emergency open heart surgery. The doctors stated that he will never play football again, however, he had magic to fall back on. Jon revealed that he is here to win the championship. He requested that Simon and the ladies would each take a piece of paper out from a large cardboard box. These pieces of paper each contained a written statement from the audience. Jon dumped some of the remaining statements onto the Judges Desk to reveal that these statements were all attributes of a champion.

Next, he invited Howie to play a game of Tic-Tac-Toe with him. Jon had the circle, while Howie had the X.  Neither Howie or Jon won the game, but he did remind people of the written statements from the beginning of his set. Simon read “Courage,” which was written in blue marker. Heidi revealed that she picked out the red-inked phrase “Hard Work,” and Mel B had the word “Heart” that was written in black ink.  Jon later revealed that there were 255,000 different combinations, but he correctly predicted where each word and color that the judges picked out.  That trick was probably one of Jon’s best performances and also set the standard for future magicians who audition for any Got Talent franchise. 

AGT and BGT veterans and roller skating duo Billy and Emily England skated their way onto the stage. Before the duo performed, the siblings revealed that they headline the Las Vegas show Absinthe at Caesar’s Palace. They performed a high-flying routine to Imagine Dragons’ “Natural.”  Their impeccable stunts continued to impress the audience and I cannot believe that they revisited the beard routine once again.

The remaining acts returned to the stage to learn how the superfans voted. This week’s top three were Billy & Emily England, Jon Dorenbos, and Paul Potts! The act came in third place was Jon Dorenbos (Wow!). The act that advanced to the finals was Paul Potts!

Next week, fan-favorites Tape Face, Drew Lynch, Kenichi Ebina, Paul Zerdin, and the Texas Tenors return! Meanwhile, Denmark’s Got Talent champions Moonlight Brothers and Britain’s Got Talent runner-up Issy Simpson make their AGT debuts.


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