The Five Question Challenge with Lorenzo Doryon

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By: Jacob Elyachar,

It is a pleasure to welcome Lorenzo Doryon to Jake’s Take.

Originally from Italy, Lorenzo traveled to Los Angeles for a career in the entertainment industry.  He is a model that has a massive following Instagram with over 553 thousand followers.  Lorenzo was featured in massive national and international campaigns for Chrysler, Dunkin’ Donuts, H&M, Macy’s, and Nike. However, Lorenzo’s true passion is for music and performing.

At 13-years-old, he starred in the Los Angeles revival of The Who’s Tommy where he shared the stage with Tony-winning actress Alice Ripley. Lorenzo also recorded numerous pieces for the Hal Leonard Corporation and various commercial theme songs.  Plus, he recorded the Olympic Games theme song and voice-overs for the Walt Disney Company. Currently, he released the lyric music video for his new single: “Friends (I Don’t Wanna Be).”  Lorenzo co-wrote the song with three-time Grammy-nominated songwriter Jimmy Burney (Backstreet Boys, Cody Simpson, and Demi Lovato) and was mastered at the legendary Abbey Road Studios by Christian Wright (Ed Sheeran). “Friends (I Don’t Wanna Be)” reached the number seven spot on the All Access Music Group’s What In-Store Music Currents list for November 25 to December 2.

In this edition of The Five Question Challenge, Lorenzo opened up about “Friends (I Don’t Wanna Be)”, shared how he overcame obstacles while breaking into the entertainment industry and revealed which Top 40 favorites are on his collaborations shortlist.

Jacob Elyachar: When did you get interested in music? How did that passion evolve into the desire to pursue a career in the recording industry?

Lorenzo Doryon: I have been interested in music ever since I was a child! I started training when I was 5 years old and have been singing ever since. I always wanted to be a pop singer, so the transition was an easy one for me.

Jacob Elyachar: Let’s talk about your new single, “Friends (I Don’t Wanna Be).” Could you please share the song’s origin story with my readers?

Lorenzo Doryon: “Friends (I Don’t Wanna Be)” is the first single off my EP. It was the first song I wrote on the EP, and it was such a natural writing process. “Friends” is a story of unrequited love and being stuck in that friend zone. It is kind of a conglomeration of past relationships I have been in— wanting to be more than just friends and having to express that.

Jacob Elyachar: What are some of the challenges that you faced breaking into the entertainment industry? How did you overcome those obstacles?

Lorenzo Doryon: There are so many challenges in the entertainment industry, the biggest of which is proving you have what it takes people to invest their time with you. I am so thankful and fortunate to have such an incredible team behind me. I have had such great opportunities to work with the best of the best. Just looking forward, working hard, and not quitting are the most important lessons I have learned in overcoming obstacles.

Jacob Elyachar: Who are some of your dream collaborators (singers, songwriters, producers, et cetera)? Why would they be the perfect people for you to record with?

Lorenzo Doryon: I love Charlie Puth’s writing. He has such beautiful messages, and there is not a song of his I do not love. I would love to do a duet with Halsey. She is one of my favorite female vocalists and just adds such a layer of depth to every song she is on. Production wise, Iabsolutely love the Chainsmokers and Zedd. We all are in this kind of “new pop”era and work on very similar tracks stylistically. 

Jacob Elyachar: If you had the chance to meet with aspiring performers who want to have a career in the music industry, what advice would you share with them?

Lorenzo Doryon: I always tell aspiring artists just to stick with it! The hardest part is not giving up. It is a constant fight, but if it is your dream, and what you are meant to do, it will happen. Build your brand, train hard, and let every experience bring you to the next level.

For more information about Lorenzo, visit his website! You can also connect with him on Instagram & YouTube.

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