Seal reunites with Heidi Klum as “America’s Got Talent: Season 12” Judge Cuts conclude


Seal and Heidi Klum AGT

Former lovers Seal & Heidi Klum reunite on “America’s Got Talent.” (Photo & graphic property of NBC)

By: Jacob Elyachar,

For the final round of America’s Got Talent: Season 12 Judge Cuts, Heidi Klum recruited one performer who she thought knew the entertainment industry very well: her ex-husband-Seal.

I believe that Heidi had an excellent idea bringing Seal to this show. He has sold over 20 million records worldwide, and one of his signature songs: Batman Forever’s “Kiss from a Rose” peaked at number one on five different music charts. Plus, he won three BRIT awards, four Grammys, and an MTV Video Music Award.

However, Seal also has a healthy ear and the right eye on talent because of his experience as a two-time winning coach on The Voice: Australia. His experience came in handy tonight as the last 20 acts auditioned for the last seven available spots remaining at the Dolby Theatre live shows.

Which act received Seal’s Golden Buzzer? Who moved on to the next round? Read on to find out!

As the acts and judges arrived for the Judge Cuts, Heidi revealed that she brought her ex-husband, Seal, to be the final guest judge for the Season 12 Judge Cuts. After performing a riff of “Kiss from a Rose,” Seal shared some solid advice and learned about the Golden Buzzer from Tyra Banks.  Dancing duo Aryton and Paige, who looked like a mirror image of Seal and Heidi Klum. The pair hoped to impress Simon, who buzzed them during the Judges Auditions. For their routine, they danced to Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes’ “The Time of My Life.” Sure, the music was good, but their dance moves were good for their age, but I would not send them through to the Live Shows. Seal and the ladies gave them a standing ovation, and he added that they were amazing and that he finally understood why AGT is an excellent show.

In the Stairwell returned to face Seal and the judges. They blew me away with their unique version of “Drag Me Down,” but Howie buzzed them and called them “boring.” Tonight, the group’s goal was to entertain America.  The group tackled *NSYNC’s “Bye, Bye, Bye!” for their chance to go to the live shows.  Their harmonies were outstanding, and their choreography was on point! Seal gave them a standing ovation, while Mel B called them “adorable.”

Another act that I have waited to see was Will Tsai. He received four gigantic “Yeses” from the Judges’ Auditions, and he needed to up his game. Will told us about his pet, Joey, the fish and he used magic to change his eye color and brought his fish back to life. Howie was amazed, while both Simon and Seal were underwhelmed.  As Will left the stage, Henry Richardson was talking to Merrick Hanna about how America’s Got Talent changed his life.  The 15-year-old magician made his dad proud with his close-up magic act. He went to the Judges’ Desk and brought out his cards from his lunch bag. He instructed Heidi to sign a card and magically appear in Seal’s hand. However, he made an entire deck of cards invisible, and it turned out that Heidi’s signed card was in Henry’s pop tart.

Elena and Sasha recreated their first wedding dance for the Judge Cuts round. Elena went all Sofie Dossi and shot an arrow with her foot while balancing high on Sasha’s head. Simon criticized Elena’s targeting skills, and he continued to be a grouchy mood as he compared an act to Medieval Knights. Sirqus Alfon briefly brought Simon out of his mood with a creative and funny version of an audience participation activity that had their movement timed with the music. He even called the act, “clever,” as the trio left the stage.

One of my favorite musical groups of the season, Danell Daymon and Greater Works, returned for Judges Cuts! The choir consists of bakers, police officers, and bankers. Under the direction of the superb Danell Daymon, they wanted to communicate their message of hope to people across the country. They tackled “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” for their performance, and they merged Diana Ross and Marvin Gaye’s versions for the high octane finale. I got chills from this performance, and they put a smile on my face! The group received a standing ovation from Seal and all of the judges. Mel B wanted to be a part of the choir, and Simon stated that they were amazing!

The Pompeyo Family Dogs hoped that they would be able to receive one of the remaining spots with their Judge Cuts performance. While Simon cattily stated, that the dogs had some of the worst haircuts he has ever seen, the family immediately transported the audience to the Pompeyo Ranch. I saw a lot of the similarities from the Pomeyo Family Dogs and Season Seven champions Olate Dogs. Were the tricks similar? I think so, but here is something that the Pompeyo Family Dogs did not have: charisma. But the question that is on my mind is: “If they move forward to the Dolby Theatre live shows, how can they step up their act without injuring these dogs?”

I have been waiting to see what Flint, Michigan singer Johnny Manuel brings to the Judge Cuts. He slew “I Have Nothing” during the Judges’ Auditions, and I hope that he picked the right song. Johnny sang Stevie Wonder’s “Lately” for his chance to perform in front of America. Johnny’s velvet vocals tickled my ears, and he put a massive smile on my face. Mel B gave him a standing ovation and called his vocal “flawless,” while Heidi stated that he moved her. Simon was unhappy with his performance and demanded that Johnny reprised “I Have Nothing,” which he did A cappella and blew the roof off of the building. After Seal and the ladies had given him a standing ovation, Seal was so impressed with Johnny’s performance that he gave him the Golden Buzzer!!! I am delighted with this decision, and I even did a little victory jig in my apartment.

It was interesting to watch dueling couple Maria and Maxim Popazova. While Mel B loved Maria’s act, Simon and Seal were disappointed with her routine. Maxim reprised his chair balancing act, but now he upped the stakes by using a moving platform. He climbed to the top of the stage, did a handstand, and did not lose his balance on the stacked 22 chairs.

Near the night’s decrescendo, it turned into a dance war as the Honeybeez and German Cornejo Dance Company dueled for one of the last spots for the dance crew. However, there is something about Merrick Hanna. The 12-year-old robot dancer combined contemporary dance with hip-hop and popping together for a memorable routine.  When I saw him sitting on the bench, I thought that he was going to replicate Mia Michaels’ epic “Bench” routine that friend of the blog, Travis Wall, and Heidi Groskreutz perfectly executed during So You Think You Can Dance’s sophomore season. Thankfully, Merrick did a superb routine to AGT alum Lindsey Stirling and Andrew McMahon Something in the Wilderness’ “Something Wild.” I thought I was watching a young Travis, Derek Hough, Cyrus Spencer, and Fik-Shun in action. All four of the gentlemen that I mentioned all have the same charisma and talent that Merrick has in him.  Merrick received a standing ovation from Simon and Mel B, while Howie stated that he would fight for him.

Singer Kechi finally got her chance to shine after waiting backstage for hours. Now, she was the final act to perform for Seal and the judges. She tackled Leon Russell’s “A Song for You,” which is a monstrous song to sing. Kechi brought her A-game as she delivered a superb vocal that was worthy of a place in the live shows. Kechi received the only five judge standing ovation of the night. Seal commended her for her strength over vulnerability.

As Kechi went back stage to meet her mother, the judges and Seal began to deliberate. Once they had picked out the six acts and said farewell to Seal, it was time for the judges to reveal the important results. Joining Johnny Manuel at the Dolby Theatre were: In the Stairwell, The Pompeyo Family Dogs, Danell Daymon and Greater Works, Merrick Hanna, Aryton and Paige (over Henry Richardson—WOW!), and Kechi.

Next week, AGT goes live!!!!! The Quarterfinals begin! Also, the letter grades return!



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