Emma & Gideon enter an uncanny alliance on “Once Upon a Time”

For Emma to reunite with Hook, she must team up with Gideon and kill the Black Fairy. Did she assist him? (Photo property of ABC)

While our Once Upon a Time heroes has vanquished the threats from the Evil Queen, Mr. Hyde, and Jafar, there are multiple obstacles in our protagonists’ way from receiving a happily ever after.

One obstacle is Gideon. The Black Fairy kidnaped Rumple and Belle’s son, Rumple’s mom, who aged him 28 years and gave him an addition to black magic just like his father. He was also destined to murder Emma Swan. By killing Emma, he would receive enough power to overthrow the Black Fairy and become a hero. However, Emma defeated Gideon and he swore revenge against the Savior.

Gold’s son got his revenge on Ms. Swan by transporting Hook from the realm and making it look like that the pirate abandoned her.  However, Gideon offered Captain Hook’s safe return to Storybrooke if the Savior helped him defeat the Black Fairy.  Can Emma trust Gideon? Does Gideon have a hidden agenda? Read on to find out…

The episode flashed back when The Black Fairy stole Gideon from the Blue Fairy and transported him to her realm. The Black Fairy called him precious, threw away his mother’s book, and asked her slave to care for little Gideon as if he was hers. As he grew up, Gideon started have noble intentions, but the Black Fairy brainwashed him at a very young age.

When he grew up, the Black Fairy celebrated his 28th birthday. The Black Fairy wanted him to find the traitor. Gideon went down to the mines and confronted the children who worked the mines to find the traitor. It turned out the traitor was the person he failed to rescue from the Black Fairy. The teenager tried to convince him to be the hero and not the villain.

Gideon’s former friend revealed that they have been collecting the dust to create the Dark Curse. Gideon apologized for his transgressions and being weak. They needed to the Savior to stop the Black Fairy. It turned out that the Black Fairy was behind the entire scheme and killed his friend.  She then captured his heart and ordered him to kill the Savior.

In Storybrooke, Emma panicked that she would not see Hook again, Gideon reminded her that Hook would come back to her once they destroyed the Black Fairy together. Emma tried to choke him, but Gideon stated that the Savior did not scare her and vowed that he would help her whether he would like it or not.

Emma barged into Mr. Gold’s shop and demanded answers from the Dark One. While Gold asked her to be a good girl, Emma stated that his son had a “death wish” and threatened that if he messed with her “one more time,” she would be happy to fulfill it and Snow added that she has her eyes set on Gideon too. A shocked Belle asked about Gideon’s actions, and Emma spilled that Gideon banished Hook into another world and stated that the only way that the Savior would see her love again was if she helped him kill the Black Fairy.  Gold revealed that the Black Fairy is his mother and admitted that she stole Gideon from the Blue Fairy. The Dark One added that the Black Fairy transported Gideon to another realm where time moved differently and tortured him for 28 years. A shocked Snow asked: “why did she do that?” Gold revealed that his mother wanted to hurt him.  Belle begged Emma not to hurt Gideon, and Gold added that they have an opportunity to save everyone from the darkness. He revealed that every curse and opponent that she faced up until now came from the Black Fairy’s dark, twisted soul. If they did not stop the Black Fairy, Gold’s mother would unleash hell upon the entire world.

Henry visited Regina at her crypt where she was hard at work trying to break the sleeping curse that her malevolent alter-ego placed on the Charmings. Regina told her son that while it easy to cast a spell, it is exceptionally difficult to break it. Henry encouraged her that she could undo the Evil Queen’s spell.  As Henry offered his assistance to help his mom, Regina shockingly noticed that he was becoming blind and writing cryptic symbols in his notebook.

Emma met up with Gideon at the Clock Tower to offered him hope and asked him for a sign of good faith. Gideon handed Emma over the sword and the spell to return Hook to Storybrooke. Meanwhile, Hook met up with Black Beard and offered him an exchange: a hand of cards for the Jolly Roger’s whereabouts.

As the pirates dueled, Emma and Gideon headed to the Sorcerer’s Mansion to complete the spell; a giant spider crawled out of the door.  As the spider tried to kill them, Hook lost the card game to Black Beard. However, Captain Hook revealed that he would hand over the magic bean.  While the pirates searched for the Jolly Roger, Henry was shocked why he wrote the symbols. Regina turned to the former author, Isaac, and he revealed that the Author’s powers are taking over and in exchange for a solution.

While Gideon showed that the giant spider was all a trick to kill the savior, Hook and Black Beard were not in Storybrooke…but in Neverland. As the Lost Boys chased them away, Gold rescued Emma and together defeated the spider. Emma revealed that Gideon’s trick and explained that his son could not be saved. Belle and Snow reunited with them, and Emma threatened to destroy Gideon and Gold countered that if they crossed his path, they would be very sorry

As Belle and Gold regrouped, Gideon got a huge surprise as the Black Fairy entered their realm. While the Black Fairy continued to brainwash Gideon at the Clock Tower, Isaac left town and revealed that the Savior would have a final battle, which would lead to her death.

Next week, the Black Fairy comes to Storybrooke, and the Charmings must go back in time to save Emma.

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