A duel between two Evil Queens headlines “Once Upon A Time”

Regina and The Evil Queen faced off during this episode of “Once Upon A Time.” (Photo property of ABC)

By: Jacob Elyachar, jakes-take.com

Ladies and gentlemen, take your seats! It is time for the epic duel between two Evil Queens!

In one corner, Storybrooke’s mayor and former evildoer Regina Mills. Over the past six seasons, we have seen Regina lose the title of Evil Queen and embrace her inner goodness as she became one of the show’s paramount heroes.  She found love in Robin Hood, but sadly he was taken away from her in an epic battle with Hades. Worried that she might go back to her wicked ways, she took Dr. Jekyll’s serum and separated herself from her malicious counterpart.

However, the Evil Queen found her way to Storybrooke and set up alliances with the Count of Monte Cristo, Lady Tremaine, Mr. Hyde, Mr. Gold, and Zelena. The heroes managed to defeat the Count, Tremaine, and Mr. Hyde while breaking alliances with both Gold and her evil sister.  After successfully banishing the Savior and Regina from town, a grown-up Gideon returned home and transformed her into a cobra.  Eventually, she slithered away, broke free of Gideon’s spell, and met up with Robin of Locksley.

Did Regina save Robin and Storybrooke from the Evil Queen?  Read on to find out!

Back in the Enchanted Forest, The Evil Queen and her army cornered Snow White in a near-by village. The Queen ordered the villagers to be rounded up to see their beloved princess killed. Her father advised the ruler: “If you kill Snow White, you will only harden the people against you” and pleaded to show mercy. The Evil Queen countered that she did not come to the village for mercy, she came for her heart. Snow tricked the queen with a decoy full of straw.  An enraged Evil Queen demanded Snow’s whereabouts, and suddenly Tinker Bell appeared on the scene. The depowered fairy stated that she filled her heart with hate and said with she should have been with the man with the lion tattoo. The Evil Queen sparred Tinker Bell’s life…for now.

The Evil Queen’s father wanted to help her daughter find her happiness. He believed that killing Snow White would ruin her life. Elder Henry lead Regina to a dimension where they found Cupid’s arrow.  The Evil Queen was furious that her father betrayed her and used Cora’s spell book to find Snow White. Elder Henry begged not to use the arrow for dark magic, but Regina used the arrow to find Snow White.

The arrow pointed them to the castle and stated that the person that she hated the most was herself.

In Storybrooke, Robin and the Evil Queen bonded over being counterparts. Robin stated that both of them do not belong there. The Evil Queen said that she would send him back to his realm for him stealing something from the graveyard.  As Robin dug, Snow and Henry were elated to find out that Hook proposed to Emma at the Charmings’ apartment. The Savior stated that she said “Yes” before Hook proposed to her and Emma advised her family to hold off wedding plans because of Gideon. Regina and Zelena arrived at the bad news regarding the Evil Queen’s escape, but just before Regina could get a word in, the Wicked Witch saw Emma’s engagement ring and Regina stated that she was happy for her one-time adversary and gave her a hug. Snow jumped in and asked about the Evil Queen’s status.  Regina said that if she did escape her mortal coil, there is no telling what evil she should be up to. At the graveyard, Robin found Jafar’s shears of destiny and the Evil Queen revealed that she would use the scissors to permanently separate herself from Regina so that she could destroy her.

Back at the pier, Hook ran into Captain Nemo and thanked him for his help. Nemo was happy that Hook took his advice, while the good captain revealed that his past came back to bite him. He advised him to seek forgiveness or keep a secret to himself.  The Evil Queen confronted Henry with the Author’s pen and revealed that he believed that there is good in the Evil Queen. Henry asked that if she was happy if she got revenge on Snow White, the Queen said she was not happy, gave him Page 23, and told him that she loved him.

Regina stated that she was going to confront the Evil Queen head on. Everyone thought it was a horrible idea. As the Queen waited for Regina, Robin tried to break free from his bondage. Robin asked if killing Regina was a good idea and stated that he might be here to save her. The Evil Queen laughed it off and said that Regina did not stand a chance.

As Hook tried to use a dreamcatcher to burn his memories, Emma confronted Hook about the thought of burning his memories. Hook stated that he could not look Snow White and David in the eye about his past. Emma blasted him for not coming to her about this sooner. She added that until he could be honest with her, the engagement was off.  Hook talked to Nemo about what happened with Emma and stated that he needed to find the man that he was again. He hoped that he could join them on their journey, Nemo was hesitant to welcome Captain Hook aboard.

Regina arrived in the office and Robin stated that she could not come her. Finally, the Evil Queen confronted her, and she used the shears to separate herself from Regina. They began to duel, and this fight destroyed the Mayor’s office. Regina stated that the Evil Queen would never take away from the people that she loved. While the Evil Queen declared that she hated Regina, the Mayor said that she loved her and blended their two hearts together.  The Mayor indicated that she gave her wicked self the love she had received from Robin, Henry, and the people that she loved the most.  In return, Regina re-absorbed their darkness and finally admitted after six seasons that she loved herself.

The two women talked, and the Evil Queen stated that she sent Robin Hood back to the wish realm. Regina said that she was glad that she did not meet Robin in the Enchanted Forest because she would not have had Henry. The Evil Queen asked Regina for a new start and after apologizing to Snow, Zelena, and Henry for her actions. Regina asked the Evil Queen not to waste her redemption. With a stroke of a pen, Henry gave the Evil Queen—a happy ending and a chance to meet Robin Hood correctly.

Snow caught up with Hook at the harbor and shared that Regina vanquished the Evil Queen.  She also congratulated the pirate on their upcoming engagement. As Snow left the harbor, Hook told Nemo that he was not joining them on their journey.  Suddenly, Gideon appeared and transported Hook and Nemo from Storybrooke.

Next week, can Aladdin, Ariel, and Jasmine deliver Hook back to Storybrooke.

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