The Five Question Challenge with The Clairvoyants’ Thommy Ten & Amelie van Tass

Thommy and Amelie The Clairvoyants at Hollywood

Thommy & Amelie’s talent took them all the way to the Top Two of “America’s Got Talent: Season 11.” (Photo property of Sebastian Konopix & courtesy of the Clairvoyants)


By: Jacob Elyachar,

It is hard to believe that the America’s Got Talent: Season 11 finale was just last week!

One of my favorite acts that made it to the end was Thommy Ten and Amelie van Tass, who are also known as the Clairvoyants. Ever since their first audition, I became mesmerized with the duo’s unbelievable talent and championed them since the judges announced that they won a place in this season’s Top 36.

In addition to blowing away both the judges (Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Mel B, and Howie Mandel) and the Dolby Theatre audience throughout the show, the Season 11 Runner-Ups have also entertained audiences in Australia, Europe, Mexico, and the Middle East.  Thommy and Amelie were also named the German Champions of Mentalism and were enthusiastically chosen as the World Champions of Mentalism, a prize that has not been awarded in over 30 years.

It is my honor and privilege to welcome them to the blog and have them take on The Five Question Challenge.  In this edition, Thommy and Amelie opened up about overcoming the challenges that they faced on America’s Got Talent and previewed what fans can expect from them for the remainder of 2016.

Jacob Elyachar: Why did you initially want to audition for “America’s Got Talent”?

Thommy Ten: We wanted to share our passion for America, and we want to build our future here. We thought that America’s Got Talent is the best platform to reach people all over America.

Amelie van Tass: We are jubilant with the impact we made on the show and that America appreciates our art form.

JE: What were some of the challenges that you faced as you advanced each round on the show? How did you overcome them? 

TT: There were so many ideas and sometimes almost finished acts. Then you figure out, that you have to change some things, and you end up with an entirely different routine.

AvT: This means that you have to be spontaneous and be able to work under pressure. We tried to believe in us and worked day and night, especially the last three weeks before the finale.

(Photo property of Sebastian Konopix; Courtesy of the Clairvoyants)

(Photo property of Sebastian Konopix; Courtesy of the Clairvoyants)

JE: Could you please describe the Dolby Theatre atmosphere to my readers when you performed on that iconic stage?

AvT: Being on the Dolby Theatre stage was very impressive. It is a beautiful theatre amazingly well equipped. It was a big honor to perform there.

TT: The energy you feel there, and you get when the audience applauds are unbelievable. It gave us goosebumps.

JE: What can your fans expect from The Clairvoyants for the remainder of 2016?

AvT: We have a lot of wonderful projects coming up. Until October we have some shows in Europe and at the end of October, we will perform, together with the winner of America’s Got Talent, Grace VanderWaal, at the Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas.

TT: The last six weeks of the year we have the honor to perform at the Palace Theatre in New York City on Broadway. We will appear in the biggest touring magic show on Earth: The Illusionists -Turn of the Century.

JE: If you had the chance to meet with aspiring magicians and mentalists who want to audition for “America’s Got Talent,” what advice would you share with them?

TT: Practice and perform as much as you can. You have to know who you are and what you want to present. You have to think of every possible way your performance can go during rehearsal as well as while you are on stage.

AvT: Be spontaneous and believe in yourself. Surround yourself with good people who support you.

To learn more about Thommy & Amelie, visit their website.

You can also connect with the Clairvoyants on social media. Visit their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & YouTube channels.


  1. Jacob krueger says

    Hello I saw you on AGT and I got a strong and strange feeling while watching you. You see I have abilities similar but different to you. But I have been have some very strange things happening to me recently but I do know why nor can I decribe them. I really hope we meet one day and maybe you can help me figure out what is going on.

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