Zelena’s ultimate temptation is revealed on “Once Upon A Time”

Zelena Once Upon A Time

Did Zelena release Dorothy from her prison or did Hades’ persuasion stopped her “road to redemption?” (Photo property of ABC)

By: Jacob Elyachar, jakes-take.com

Over the past few weeks, Underbrooke received several high-profile visitors.

Emma, Gold, Henry, the Charmings, Regina and Robin Hood initially went to the Underworld to save Hook from the world of the dead.  As they rescued the pirate, the heroes also liberated several familiar faces as they moved on into the afterlife. The heroes’ actions caught the attention of Hades, who spent no time retaliating at the Storybrooke gang. From threatening Gold and Belle’s unborn child to predetermining that Emma Swan, Regina Mills, and Snow White would remain in the Underworld if the heroes were victorious, Hades proved to be a merciless foe.

But, he does have a soft spot. The Lord of the Underworld has a crush on Regina’s evil sister: Zelena, the Wicked Witch.  Thanks to a portal, Zelena and her daughter arrived in Underbrooke and right where Hades wanted them. Believing that her former love would harm her daughter, Zelena begged Robin and her sister to keep her safe from Hades.  Now that Hades revealed that he would put her daughter in danger and is starting to bond with her sister, Zelena is beginning her long road to redemption.

However, will the arrival of a certain red-hooded werewolf tempt Zelena to return to the darkness? Read on to find out…

As the heroes were dealing with the aftershock of Ruby’s arrival in the underworld, Zelena received a visit from Hades. The Lord of the Underworld warned his love that Ruby crashed into the realm and was looking for her. Zelena panicked and worried about facing Regina’s wrath once she learned what Zelena did to Ruby and Dorothy in Oz. The Witch begged her lover to let her leave the Underworld. Hades questioned if she was going to leave her daughter down with the heroes and added that she would not get her daughter back by running.  He also offered her help when the heroes confronted her about Dorothy’s whereabouts, but the Witch refused and stated she had to leave the Underworld.

Meanwhile, Belle and Gold were talking about Gaston’s death. Rumple tried to convince her that she did the right thing and stated that she had to do this on her own. Ruby revealed that she chased the Wicked Witch down to the Underworld to find Zelena. Just before the Witch left Underbrooke, the heroes confronted the Witch, and they demanded that Zelena revealed Dorothy’s location.  The Witch told that she took a page out of her sister’s book and placed Dorothy under a sleeping curse.

Zelena hated the idea of giving up the Silver Slippers, but the Evil Queen stated that she could start over again.  Feeling generous, Zelena gave her sister the tools necessary to rescue her enemy.  Meanwhile, Zelena received a surprising visitor: Belle.  As Mrs. Gold begged Zelena for help, Belle began to feel morning sickness and asked the Witch if Hades sped up her pregnancy to get the baby. While the new moms began to work out their differences, Charming revealed that Cruella executed one of Hades’ orders: remove the only communication device that can connect Underbrooke’s residents with their loved ones: the red phone. Panicked, Snow stated that they had to get back to their child. Regina also commented that since Hades kept Snow down in the Underworld, they decided that it would be Charming that would go back to the surface world with Ruby.

The heroes confronted the Blind Witch at her diner, and she revealed that Dorothy’s beloved Auntie Em was in the Underworld…but as the owner of a rival restaurant. Just before the heroes were able to convince Dorothy’s beloved aunt to help them in their quest, Aunt Em evaporated right in front of their eyes…courtesy of Hades.  The Lord of the Underworld stated that the heroes would not win and also blackmailed his residents into not helping the heroes.

As Hades’ made his dramatic exit, Ruby revealed to her best friend that she did have feelings for the famous Kansan and was worried that she would not reciprocate. Just as she was going to say goodbye to her true love, Charming surprised his wife with the fact that he traded his life for his true love’s chance to raise their son.  After a dramatic goodbye with her family, Snow and Ruby traveled to Oz to wake Dorothy up! Ruby was able to wake up Kansas and the heroines embraced.

Next week, The Mills must reunite to stop Zelena from making the worst mistake of her life. Plus, David must face his evil twin!


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