The Lances take center stage on “Arrow”

Two years ago, the Lance Family sat at a dinner table without a care in the world. However, Laurel and Detective Lance's secrets were revealed on tonight's "Arrow." (Photo property of Bonanza Productions, Berlanti Productions, DC Entertainment & Warner Bros. Television)

Two years ago, the Lance Family sat at a dinner table without a care in the world. However, Laurel and Detective Lance’s secrets were revealed on tonight’s “Arrow.” (Photo property of Bonanza Productions, Berlanti Productions, DC Entertainment & Warner Bros. Television)

By: Jacob Elyachar,

If there is one common flaw that is in the Lance family’s DNA, it is that they are masters of deception.

Let’s start with Laurel!

A few weeks ago, Black Canary lied to Oliver about taking Thea to a spa. Instead of receiving massages and having cucumbers on their eyes, both ladies traveled to Nanda Parbet to visit Malcolm (the new Ra’s Al Ghul) and Nyssa in hopes to use to the Lazarus Pit raise her recently deceased sister, Sara.  Despite Ra’s early descents, he gave in to Laurel’s request after seeing Thea murder his henchmen.  After seeing Sara’s bloodthirsty attitude, an enraged Nyssa destroyed the pit and kicked the Lance women and Thea out of Nanda Parbet.

If you thought that Laurel was bad at decision making, then the apple does not fall from the tree. Detective Lance has kept his alliance with Season Four baddie Damien Dahrk from Team Arrow since the show returned from its summer hiatus.

Tonight, both Lances’ agendas were revealed. How did Team Arrow react to these bombshells? Read on to find out…

Team Arrow assembled at Oliver Queen’s new mayoral headquarters. They scoffed at the announcement, but Oliver shared his conversation with Lance. However, the team worried that Oliver was getting way over his head. Despite the announcement, the team was surprised with their new Team Arrow headquarters’ upgrade (thanks to Flash’s Cisco and STAR Labs).

While Detective Lance was taken aback by Oliver’s announcement, nothing could prepare him for Laurel’s little reveal: Sara came back in the land of the living.  Detective Lance was in shock as he learned about the League of Assassins’ Lazarus Pit. Detective Lance insisted that the chained-up Sara was not her daughter. However, Sara could not remember who she was.

As the Lances were trying to rectify the situation, Team Arrow stumbled on the Ghosts’ plot to take over the Star City Police Department. Oliver revealed his findings to Detective Lance, who joined Team Arrow on an assault against the rogue Star City SWAT agents. While the rogue cops stole their equipment and drugs, Detective Lance revealed to the team that the agents they fought were indeed dirty cops.

Due to Felicity’s hacking skills, she was able to pinpoint the activity of every officer on the Star City Police Department including the good captain. Oliver was surprised to see the still of Detective Lance conversing with Dahrk.  The Archer confronted Detective Lance about his relationship with Dahrk. Lance countered that Oliver had no right to barge into his apartment, but Oliver called his bluff. Detective Lance revealed that he got in bed with Dahrk two months after Oliver left the city. Oliver screamed at Detective Lance for hiding behind his daughters and revealed that he was always looking for his approval and revealed that the Good Captain was the main reason why he was running for Star City mayor.

A remorseful Detective Lance was about to pull the trigger on Sara. Laurel rushed to her father’s side and begged her not to pull the trigger. Just as he rushed out of the basement, the Star City Vigilante Squad kidnapped him and knocked out Laurel. The Anti-Vigilante Squad forced Lance to open up the SCPD Contraband storage unit. Luckily, Team Arrow was able to rescue the good captain. Before he left the scene and arrested Lady Cop, Detective Lance reminded everyone why he may be rough-around-the-edges, but he is still a good guy suffering under desperate times.

Detective Lance received an unexpected visitor in the form of Oliver Queen. The mayoral candidate asked the good captain to keep tabs on Dahrk. He was surprised with the amount of interns that Thea recruited for Oliver’s mayoral campaign. As Oliver celebrated the launch of his campaign, Laurel discovered that Sara was missing!

Next week, John Constantine joins the “Arrow” family to save Sara’s soul!

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