The Five Question Challenge with WBFF Pro Jaco de Bruyn

Jaco de Bruyn WBFF pro

It is a thrill to welcome WBFF Pro and world- renowned fitness trainer Jaco de Bruyn to “Jake’s Take.” He is the first athlete to take “The Five Question Challenge” this year! (Photo property of Biddy Horne Photography)

By: Jacob Elyachar,

It is a privilege to welcome world-renowned fitness trainer and WBFF (World Beauty Fitness & Fashion) Muscle Model Jaco de Bruyn to Jake’s Take.

The South African fitness icon’s focus and approach to health and fitness has inspired millions of people around the world to get into shape!

In addition to gracing many media platforms in the United States, Europe, South Africa and Australia, Jaco has earned numerous awards including Mr. South Africa 2009’s Model of the Year and placed third and fourth place respectively at the past two WBFF Worlds Championships.

For this edition of The Five Question Challenge, Jaco talked about overcoming obstacles in the global fitness industry and how the WBBF helped him grow as an athlete.

Jacob Elyachar: When did you get interested in the fitness industry? How did your passion for fitness evolve into bodybuilding?

Jaco de Bruyn: I always looked after my body! I was very successful in the modeling industry in South Africa, so I had to always look good! But, I had to make a decision whether or not I was going to fully go into the model industry or bodybuilding, so I decided to combine the two and get into fitness modeling. I decided to compete in 2011 and won three years in a row in South Africa. That is when I knew this was a journey meant to be. My passion has grown so much and I have already built a huge platform for myself in the industry, now it is part of my life and I strive to inspire young individuals on a daily basis. Now it is not a challenge anymore, it is a lifestyle!

JE: What goes through your mind when you prepare workout routines for your clients?

JDB: There is no science when it comes to training. Everyone has their own way of doing it! I think it comes down to what that person wants to achieve and what their goals are, but the principle stays the same and there are many different types of routines I can choose.

JE: What are some of the challenges that you experienced in the global fitness industry? How did you overcome them?

JDB: I think your worst enemy is yourself! By saying this, I mean you need to make sure that you do not become overly obsessive with how you look and how you eat. This could annoy a lot of people around you…including your close family and friends. Have that balance where you spend enough time on training and diets, and the same goes for spending time with loved ones without you being a pain! This was a huge challenge for me because you are only as good as the team that supports you so make sure you have that balance!

JE: How has the WBFF helped you grow as a professional athlete?

JDB: The WBFF is a big part of my life! It gave me a platform to show the world that having dreams and working hard toward it could all become a reality. WBFF is a fantastic federation, and I have so much love for all the athletes that competes in this circle.

JE: If you had the chance to meet with people who are struggling with their fitness journey, what advice would you share with them?

JDB: Struggling is good because it helps you to keep going keep pushing and keep dreaming. Nothing in life comes easy. People always look at you and would say you lucky. Luck has nothing to do with it; it is such an intense sport that needs so much attention to detail, saying this I mean you need to educate yourself on nutrition, training and the most important thing is learning who you are and what you capable of. It takes years to build a physique and even till today I am learning. Be patient, consistent and driven, set your goals and make sure you achieve them because you can!

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