The Nine Rising Stars of 2013

By: Jacob Elyachar

As we get closer to the holiday season, I want to salute nine outstanding performers who really stood out to audiences around the world!

Without further ado…here is Jake’s Take’s Rising Stars of 2013:


Candice Glover I Who Have Nothing

The third time was the charm for “American Idol” winner Candice Glover as she won the crown during Randy Jackson’s final season. (Photo property of FOX, FremantleMedia and 19 Entertainment)

Candice Glover (American Idol: Season 12)

American Idol’s latest leading lady proved that the third time was the charm when she auditioned in front of Randy, Mariah and Nicki with “Syrup & Honey.” After the audition, Candice’s powerful vocals engulfed the Idol stage and sealed her victory! I am looking forward to Candice’s first studio album: Music Speaks in 2014.

Best performances: “Love Song,” “When You Believe” & “I Who Have Nothing (Finale)

Angie Miller (American Idol: Season 12)

19-year-old Angie Miller stole America’s hearts in Hollywood Week when she performed her original song: “You Set Me Free.”  Angie continued to deliver knockout performances each round and became an Idol fan-favorite. While she was eliminated during the Semi-Finals, Angie cemented herself as the show’s most successful singer-songwriters to date.

Best performances: “Never Gone,” “I Surrender” & “I’ll Stand By You


Forte America's Got Talent

Forte delivered astonishing performances that paved the way for a successful career in the music industry. (Photo courtesy of NBC & SYCO Entertainment)

Forte (America’s Got Talent: Season Eight)

When I first saw Forte audition on America’s Got Talent, I was blown away! The trio is the best musical group that has ever hit the AGT stage because they gave viewers chills and brought another level of excellence to each and every performance.  I look forward to hearing their first album next week.

Best performances: “Somewhere,” “My Heart Will Go On” & “The Prayer (Finals)

Branden James (America’s Got Talent: Season Eight)

Another opera superstar that took AGT by storm this year was Branden James. Not only did he captured the hearts of the nation, but also was successful in reconciling with his family (who did not accept that he was gay). Branden delivered master class vocal performances on the Radio City Music Hall stage that have helped him gained a stronger fanbase and a higher profile in the music world.

Best performances: “You Raise Me Up,” “Alone” & “Hallelujah

Michelle Chamuel Team Usher The Voice

Team Usher’s Michelle Chamuel was a force to be reckoned with during the fourth season of “The Voice.” Photo property of NBC, One Three Media & Warner Horizon Television)

Michelle Chamuel (The Voice: Season Four)

Michelle Chamuel remains one of the most unique artists that have ever appeared on The Voice.  Her honest performances and impeccable stage presence guided her on a journey with her coach, Usher, which lead her to a second place finish on the fourth season.

Best performances: “I Kissed A Girl,” “True Colors” & “I Knew You Were Trouble

Amber Carrington (The Voice: Season Four)

Amber Carrington remains one of the female vocalists in the show’s history! Under the guidance of her coach, Adam Levine, Amber proved that she could tackle anything that ranged from a James Bond theme song to an 80s anthem.  I cannot wait to see what she has in store for us in 2014.

Best performances: “Stay,” “Skyfall”& “I Remember You


Team Adam's Will Champlin's impressive vocals has made him a fan-favorite artist. (Photo property of NBC)

Team Adam’s Will Champlin’s impressive vocals has made him a fan-favorite artist. (Photo property of NBC)

Will Champlin (The Voice: Season Five)

As the current Top 12 begin preparing for Monday’s live performances, Team Adam’s Will Champlin continues to stand out as a contender.  Since his Blind Audition, Will has grown leaps and bounds as an artist and proved that he could hold his own against some of this season’s superb vocalists.  I cannot wait to see what he has in store on Monday.

Best performances (so far): “Not Over You,” “When I Was Your Man” & “Secrets”

Matthew Schuler (The Voice: Season Five)

If there was a clear frontrunner to win the season, it is Team Christina’s Matthew Schuler. He has been constant performances and has taken the show to new heights vocally. No matter what happens during this competition, I believe Matthew has a place in this industry.

Best performances (so far): “Cough Syrup,” “Cosmic Love” & “Wrecking Ball


Over in the United Kingdom, Sam Bailey dominates the tenth anniversary season of "The X Factor UK." (Photo property of ITV)

Over in the United Kingdom, Sam Bailey dominates the tenth anniversary season of “The X Factor UK.” (Photo property of ITV)

Sam Bailey (The X Factor UK: Season 10)

Across the pond, former prison guard Sam Bailey is the remaining Over 25 in the tenth anniversary season of The X Factor UK.  Her first audition has hit almost 5,000,000 views on YouTube and she has emerged as a beloved fan-favorite.  I hope that Sam has to travel the globe after the show because I strongly think that everyone needs to hear her voice.

Best performances (so far): “Listen,” “My Heart Will Go On” & “(No More Tears) Enough is Enough

I do not own any of these clips. They belong to FOX, NBC and ITV!


  1. Jacquie Lee is conspicuously absent from this list. To sing like shedoes at age 16 with such incredible power, control, timbre and tonality, is just incredible, and I would much rather see her win “The Voice” than Matthew Schuler.

  2. Suncatcher says

    Forte is moving meteorically! Their first album comes out Monday, 11/11. They then headline at Carnegie Hall for actress Kate Winslet’s annual Autism fundraiser on 11/16. The end the year headlining at the new Tropicana 12/28-30. We hope they will be touring in 2014 promoting their album! For ongoing info on Forte go to our forte tenors fan page on FB – or better, join us! The guys and their families are members – great fun!

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